What To Wear with our B-Bags??

  1. What should we wear with our bbags:love: ??? let's start a new trend:cool: !!

  2. This is a great idea. I just bought my first city, an ink one that is not too veiny which I prefer. While the SA assured me how versatile it is, I'm wondering what you folks wear with that color. Thanks.
  3. I have been wearing a lot more jeans than I usually do.
  4. I match my bags to what I'm wearing instead of the other way round.

    Anyway B-bags look great with casual wear especially jeans.
  5. I wear mine with any and everything, and or even nothing at all!! LOL!
  6. all colors with JEANS JEANS JEANS.. DEFINITELY!
  7. Jeans, cargos & skirts........oh my!
  8. With lots of jeans and casual tees.
  9. I definitely wear mine mostly with jeans, but there have been times I've worked it into work outfits too.
  10. i wear jeans, skate shoes, jandals, tees, tops with my b-bags - of course not at the same time.... my sense of dress is more causal... but i must say its sorta getting quite grown up thanks to my bags!
  11. I carried mine last night to a party. I wore jeans, flip flops and a vintage T-shirt. I carry my b-bag with any outfit, whether it's for work, or just going to the grocery store :P
  12. I have only one b-bag its bronze and i wear it with everything. I take it everywhere. The bag goes with everything I own. I wore it last night with white jeans a white denim jack and white gucci stillettos. Geesh! the bag is awsome that way.
  13. That sounds hot!
  14. thanks Irissy ;)
  15. Anything and everything;)