What to Wear With My Sylvie??

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  1. Hi guys! This might be a bit of an odd question but here goes! I recently bought the small Sylvie in the bee star print:


    I absolutely love this bag, but I’m frankly at a bit of a loss as to what to wear with it/how to style it. I was wondering if other ladies with this or the white Sylvie might share some OOTDs, or if anyone can give me some inspiration. I don’t want this to just be a piece I stare at lovingly inside my house, lol.

    Thanks so much!!
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  2. It’s a gorgeous bag and that colour you can wear with almost everything. I Don own it but found some pictures online of people wearing the bag. Hope it helps :smile:
    82948917-DBDB-4C94-AE2B-3D0A5428644A.jpeg 912D4D88-D24F-4280-B799-23CD36206DE0.jpeg C189A871-8CAE-4F2D-9155-C4ED832110D5.jpeg 7F954BA4-4BC8-4B87-A226-2EBC46A79A83.jpeg 02B9D644-7199-45D1-878F-5A74D5D98AA8.jpeg 5ABFE8AA-3E58-40DB-88DE-81E49918BD22.jpeg 292B582D-BF7B-43FC-ADA2-061F1B51F305.jpeg A6B9A27F-2965-4401-B24D-C07872473A1B.jpeg B8CD972A-A316-4747-AB65-2B4D934E5784.jpeg BBF35CF6-0653-454A-82C4-93204BEA0850.jpeg
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  3. Thank you!! I think I have this idea that it’s a “fancy” bag so I need to be “fancy” in order to wear it, so seeing those casual looks is total inspo! Especially love that second to last one :heart:
  4. Great photos. Op just wear with anything. I would not wait for “fancy” occasion. Jeans and a t shirt and that great bag are perfect. It’s a bag that can be dressed up or down. Definitely a showstopper piece.
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  5. It’s a bag that can be worn in fancy occasions but also make simple jeans and shirt outfits look super chic. I’ve seen many ladies carrying this bag during the day and they look fabulous. Don’t worry you made an excellent choice, rock that bag!
    B4F570FE-7386-483C-A5D3-251E235BE61C.jpeg 3AD556E8-A106-4A58-8905-3D97BCC38CF7.jpeg FE4E26FF-6A80-4BD3-AF3A-C72323160DA1.jpeg 51867B80-0E06-4E87-9F9D-5C7838624182.jpeg 6520EB84-3BD6-4255-82E7-8B92AE9166CD.jpeg D5933771-1536-4B95-A218-58CEE8D1CE61.jpeg 6448866D-27E4-46D9-A1EB-53764D7D7EF1.jpeg 17CDB447-BBED-478C-AA38-3D217AFE41F4.jpeg FC4BF8A1-6632-44B2-8D3C-95448FE864B2.jpeg EC894A3F-F2B2-4531-8A08-33A34A481695.jpeg
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  6. OMG what a gorgeous bag. Love the visuals everyone. Enjoying wearing this beauty. :smile:
  7. Ditto...love looking at all the pics. Very beautiful bag...can be dressy or casual edgy!
  8. Thank you so much for the inspo, everyone!! Here’s my ~debut look with my lovely Sylvie! :heart:
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  9. Rock'n' it!
  10. It looks great and so do you. Enjoy!