What to Wear With Leather Trench?

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  1. I toddled over to the Burberry outlet on payday and bought a leather trench! I'm 5'5" and it comes down to just above my knees. It's dark brown and has tarnished gold metal buttons. I'm pretty pleased with it and my family loves it.

    The problem is, I don't know what to wear it with. Any ideas for outfits, bags, shoes/boots that'd look good with it? :tup: Thanks!
  2. That sounds really nice!! I would picture it going well with silky, floaty pieces as well as with knits. Or how about with some khaki trousers? The hardest part for me is figuring out shoes....metallic leathers, fabric and silks would be my guess. What do you think?
  3. post pics ! i would love to see it!
  4. I've taken these pics; my camera is on its last legs but I think they came out alright. It's in daylight. The buttons aren't gold actually, they're a bit more yellow than in the photos though. Never mind!:P
    Coat2.jpg Coat.jpg
  5. :heart: I've been wearing it with khaki trousers actually! I LOVE the metallic leathers & fabrics suggestion. And silks, they'd contrast with the leather. I've never had a leather coat before so I'm not used to having to match anything with it - it's like seeing oneself in a miniskirt for the first time or something, lol. Thanks for the suggestion. *Goes looking for metallics*
  6. are you planning on wearing it as an outercoat or just something that goes with an outfit?
  7. wow what a nice trench.. i can picture it with so skirts and pointed toe heels blouses cardigans... anything really ..
  8. Una - that is a gorgeous leather!
  9. JahpsonLoveYou, I was planning to wear it as an overcoat but I like the coat to match what I'm wearing.

    juu_b; Thanks, I like the pointed heels idea.

    Thanks everyone! :tup: I think I have a better idea about the coat now. When I asked my family their response was "wear it all the time, with anything!" ...which doesn't help that much.:lol:
  10. Boots up to the bottom of the trench?