What to wear with Kate????

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  1. Went into LV yesterday, just to look...........and walked out with the MC Kate clutch (and Neverfull GM, which is cool but seems somehow slightly overshadowed by the gorgeous Kate) - I'm soooo happy!!! :yahoo:(and ABSOLUTELY DEFINATELY no more LV for a while....:wtf:)

    But now I have a dilemma............what to wear with Kate? Colours?? As soon as I brought my purchases home and went through a few ideas......nothing seemed to work! Help!!!!
  2. boy..I think Kate looks good with anything she wears !!!!! So summery and cool .... Great bags!
  3. Agree with mimi-ann!

    I think the Kate would also look great with jeans.
  4. black skinny pants/jeans + any coloured silk/chiffon top
  5. I think Kate looks good with any kind of casual dressy clothes. Congrats!
  6. You could wear it both casually or dressy. Jeans, dress pants, any skirts, nice tops...etc..
  7. I think anything light with Kate will look nice. I am imagining a nice dark pair of jeans, heels, and a little white tank or tee would look nice with kate.
  8. :supacool:It would definitely be a casual jeans with a nice top or blouse and top that outfit with a nice set of heels! I would also add the multicolor white bandeau and tie it around my neck with the kate clutch around my wrist.
  9. IMO all MC looks fabulous with jeans or any solid bright color (especially one in the color pallet of the MC). I wear mine with dark wash jean stuff (skirts, pants, capris, etc)
  10. Congrats on your new Kate (she is gorgeousssss:heart: and Neverfull). Multicolore goes best with dark jeans + solid top (bright or rich colors).
  11. Congrats on the new Kate! Your thread made me think of what I would wear if I had one, and I was drawing a blank too. Luckily, other tPFers have some great suggestions!
  12. Haha you and I are in perfect sync!! :tup:
  13. I would wear with everything except stripes.
  14. what about a light washed skinny jeans with a light colored flowy top...paired with a bright pair of heels???
  15. Now that you have lots of ideas, how about some modeling pics?:idea: