What to wear with it?

  1. When buying shoes, do you stop to think what you'll wear it with or if it goes with anything in your closet? And if it doesn't, do you picture what it will look great with and make a mental note to buy a skirt/pants/dress to match? Or do you just buy it and to hell with whether it goes with anything?

    Just curious if I'm the only one who builds an outfit from the shoes up :p
  2. They must go with jeans.. I have a ton of heels and wear them with jeans. There are a few that I check to be sure they will go with dress pants but for the most part i just buy what I like and worry about it later.
  3. I do think of that when deciding on shoes. What do I have to wear with this, what would look good. However, if I absolutly must have them then I'll get them and worry about that later.
  4. No...not really.

    This is probably the reason I don't wear 1/2 of the shoes that I have - because they don't go with anything I have, lol
  5. I just buy what I like. I dress around shoes a lot.
  6. Yup, I always think about what I have in my closet already that I can wear with the shoes. Otherwise I'd have a good excuse to get a new outfit... which I really want to but can't let myself! Haha.
  7. Yes, I have to have at least one or two things in my wardrobe that will match the shoes. I usually end up buying something to go with the shoes also.
  8. I must have at least two things to go with the shoes. If I were to mess up an outfit or I changed sizes, I want something to wear with it.

    If I have something in mind for the shoes (i.e., work pumps) I make sure I like them with my typical outfits.

    I would probably make an exception for casual shoes as long as they look good with jeans since that's what I wear a lot of during my downtime.
  9. I used to mentally picture what I can wear with any particular shoes I'm interested in before buying them.

    Now, however, with my little New York City apt overflowing with shoes, the mental test is not "what can I wear with these?" but "Am I going to wear these the same way as other shoes I have in this color/cut/style/height?" If I think I'll end up wearing the shoes with the same outfit that I already have shoes for, I refrain from purchasing them.
  10. I definitely consider what I would wear with the shoe and for what occasion -- work, casual, parties etc. It probably helps that I almost always buy neutral shoes, black, brown and metallics. These go with almost anything. I just bought a pair of mushroom suede shoes and that required a lot of consideration. I guess for me mushroom is a radical color! I've learned that when I buy colored shoes I never wear them, but I think mushroom can go with a couple things in my wardrobe.
  11. I am a 'rounded closet' shopper - I tend to stick with particular neutrals and so most of my shoes match. but I often picture outfits I have with shoes I want to buy
  12. I buy what like and then worry about what i will wear them with later. If thier are different color options in the same pair of shoes then maybe then i'll take the time to think how many pairs of shoes do i already have in a certain color. for example i won't buy black white or silver in a shoe if thier are other colors to choose from because i already have so many in that color.