What to wear with gray tights?

  1. I bought a pair of DKNY charcoal gray tights this winter, and I still haven't worn them! I haven't tried too many outfit ideas from my closet yet. I'm just not sure where to begin. What color shoes and skirt do you wear?
  2. I just bought a pair too. I would like to know also.
  3. Is charcoal gray a dark gray or lighter gray? Either way, I guess black or navy are safe bets.
  4. I just wore my grey Spanx tights today :smile:

    I pair them with anything black. I really don't like wearing black tights with black outfits..I feel like I'm going to a funeral or something..too much black!

    Today I wore a black ralph lauren mini dress with the grey tights. I also have a jade-green Forever 21 mini dress that looks lovely with the grey tights. Oh and i have a navy jumper + cream sweater combo that goes with the tights as well.
  5. I wore my charcoal wool Wolford ribbed tights for the first time today. I wore them with my marc by marc jacobs black pleated front high waisted shorts, a white michael michael kors tee, black patent CL Iowa peeptoe mary jane heels and my new washed silver (more of a pewter) SWORD shrunken leather bomber. I accesorized with a LAMB watch, a huge black flower ring by Guess and my black Chloe Betty bag.
    I have never tried the tights with shorts combo but it worked. Try it. I think it looks cute on just about anyone.
  6. I love wearing grey tights with my levi's denim skirts...
  7. What about shoe colors? Do you just wear black leather? What about heel types? Most of my heels are pointy w/skinny heels from 2.5 - 3.5".

    I tried on the tights last night, and they're a very bluish purple hue of gray. I am disappointed! Are your gray tights truly charcoal or do they have an undertone of another color? I have a pair of Ellen Tracy wool sweater tights that are truly charcoal gray, but since they are wool, they are kind of itchy. I will have to wear another pair of tights underneath!
  8. Black, pinks, different shades of grey...I think you could pretty much wear anything with them. I think grey goes with just about any color.
  9. IMO I would try to avoid a very pointy toe pump but that's only my personal preference. I think peep toes are cute with tights but some disagree with this too. Round toes would be nice. I wear ankle booties with tights and a dress all the time. I think almost any color shoe would work but try to keep an obvious color scheme or combo going. The thickness of the heel doesn't matter too much. It's just a matter of whats "in" at the time.
  10. I like to wear my grey tights with my black slouchy flat boots.
  11. I have gray tights (from Spanx), and the they look fabulous against jewel tones IMO (a plum sweaterdress, something royal blue, navy, emerald), etc. :heart: I like the color combination of navy, gray and chocolate brown, if you want a more subdued, sophisticated color palette (great for work). :smile: Otherwise, you can definitely rock the gray tights with black! :tup: I would probably add some fun accent colors somewhere in there (a red bag, for example, if you are doing black with gray), to break up the monotony. :smile:
  12. I love grey tights! I think they go with everything that black goes with, and they're a bit fresher and great for spring!
  13. Black mini dress/babydoll dress and black ankle boots.