What to wear with geranium suhali

  1. What colors other than black and white do think go well with the geranium shuhali? I can't seem to get the outfit right with this bag!
  2. Navy blue? Charcoal grey? Maybe a pale, baby yellow top?
  3. All of wickedassins & Beige, ivories, camel, some pinks, deep purple as well.
  4. well when i was considering to buy the geranium le talentueux, my SA was saying that ppl should wear as SIMPLE as possible and let the bag stand out. No crazy colours, no patterns, simple neutral colours and I think she's right:biggrin:
  5. Jeans would go perfect, for a casual day.
  6. I think it would look great with cream. It would probably work best with solid colored simple tops in any color except anything too bright. Good luck on your new wardrobe! Btw, how big is your laptop? Is it a 14"? How I would love to buy a LeFab as a laptop bag!
  7. mas2388: My laptop is the 12" powerbook g4.

    I just ordered a deep brown cashmere sweater, a navy blue cashmere v-neck sweater with a geranium tee to wear underneeth, kelly green and cream striped cashmere sweater and a light yellow cable cashmere sweater, all from J crew! (if you can't tell I love sweaters and I tend to buy various colors of the same thing :smile:)
  8. I saw the geranium in person recently and its very pretty and different.

    I wondered too about matching all the colors.
  9. I am having problems looking for things to wear with geranium suhali too...unfortunatly I am giving up now and returning my L'aimable tomorrow...I hope this color works better for you than it did for me...
  10. Keep it simple. Solid top and solid pants. No red. If it were me, I would wear a white/off white top, jeans, and gold shoes.
  11. Does anyone know if they make Suhali shoes in Geranium?
  12. i don't think so. all the Suhali shoes i see now are white, black or brown

    my mom has a Geranium Le Talenteux, and she wears it with white, black or gray, or jeans when she goes out. she did say too that it's best to let the bag stand out because it's such a bright color.
  13. After thinking about it I agree with the other poster who said you should keep you outfit very simple ot make the bag stand out.

    Its definitly an outfit specific bag. Not one you can throw on with anything I think.

    I'm leaning more and more towards wanting a geranium bag instead of plum.....hmmmm:shrugs:
  14. Wear it with everything neutral. Beige, khaki would be fab with that color... even pale blue and grey, ivory, black for sure, some shades of pink.... lucky girl, good luck!