What to wear with etoupe? Need suggestions for wardrobe!

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  1. Now, I was just considering this colour for a bag. I have heard that it is a great neutral but somehow I've not seen it on myself. I'm more of a gold person.

    I am asian with pinkish skin tone. I wear a lot of bright tops, pinks, olive, orange tops with more neutral bottoms.

    Other than the standard white, black, grey, what should I wear to go with etoupe? I was thinking it is weird to match a fuschia top + black skirt and etoupe bag. Would it? I don't want to be decked out in neutrals all the time if I get a bag in this colour. :sweatdrop:

    Help meeee! What do you wear when you take your etoupe bag out? Tell me about your shoes too!
  2. Hello dear! I love Etoupe and my 35cm Birkin gets a lot of use. If I use bright colors its usually the top or jewelry ( outfit 1: dark wash denim, white pheasant top, orange resin bead necklace, orange bracelet, orange shoes. outfit 2: Tan slacks, black VP Louboutins, black H belt, red silk blouse, chanel scarf (has red, etoupe, yellow, and white)...)

    Mostly my outfits have a neutral base with bright colors that I accessorize with. Shoes that I use are either taupe, brown, black, or white. Unless I accessorize with brights, then usually I have my shoes match the accessories.

    I hope this helps sweetie.
  3. Deep pinks!
  4. Oh black!!! It looks so good with black!!! (and black makes people look skinner, so double :tup:!)
  5. Black, black and more black:graucho:can't wait for fall and winter.
  6. there's a thread about it somewhere...let me look it up....
  7. Anything and everything.

    Etoupe looks especially great with anything in the pink family!
  8. Thank you simplyprincess, havn't seen you posting recently! Don't be a stranger!

    Red top with tan bottom sound very good! :tup: I could totally see it. Very helpful tips.

    xiaoxiao, vixtress, I'm thinking black + something poppish! Thank you!

    patz, thanks for the link! Super helpful thread!

    sin vergüenza, pepper, Thanks, I had no idea etoupe goes with pink! I HAVE to try it out. :tup:
  9. Accessorize*me has the most gorgeous etoupe birkin with fuchsia lining and that is an absolutely amazing combination!
  10. I am 'die hard pop color' bag girl! I simply do not like neutral bags... BUT!!!!!!!!! Etoupe is an exception!! I LOVEEEEEEE etoupe! It's such a chic color way more than you can imagine.

    Yes, I agree..etoupe looks GREAT with pink!
  11. I wear etoupe with any colour. Two examples:
    with bright green top, jeans and black shoes
    with a beige dress, which has some pink and ivory.
    I hope this helps.

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  12. The oufits of Claravi are a true inspiration! I am looking forward receiving my Etoupe Birkin.

    I would match it with black (it's my favourite color) and/or bright colors. In the summer I would match it with a white jeans an lighter colors. Etoupe will match with a lot of colors!

  13. I have a picotin in this color and LOVE IT! The color goes well with bright colors, and looks great with blacks as well.

    I generally have jeans on, green, black, pink, orange tops. I wear black dress pants, and khaki as well. its perfect.

  14. Thanks Monica, I am sure you will enjoy your etoupe A LOT!
    What size and leather will it be, and when you will get it?