what to wear with cognac leather jacket?

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  1. I found a cognac leather jacket on overstock for $199 and bought it for spring. Not sure if pple wear leather jackets in spring or if cognac is in or out. I've always loved that color esp for bags. I just don't know how to wear it, what to wear with it. I have these teal flats that I've never worn and figured I can wear it this year. I was thinking maybe light color jeans or light color denim shorts and a white tank or tee? Any recommendations? Also, do you like the jacket? They have it on bluefly at a different price but not the same color. So I figured if it's on bluefly than it's good enough to get off of overstock right?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. i see you are on a leather jacket binge...me too. you can wear the cognac color over white or dark rinse cropped jeans with a colorful scarf around the neck and a tank top or v-neck tee. you can definitely wear the turquoise flats with an all white base and the cognac top. or you can wear any leather jacket over a feminine dress, like a summer dress, or a more formal work outfit. it's so versatile.

    as for the mushroom color, i think it's a great looking jacket so it's fine if you get it in both colors, if you wear the black one a lot. the mushroom would be more wearable in the spring/summer as it is a lighter color and you can alternate it with the cognac one. there's only 1 left too!!
  3. Thanks for the tips. I haven't really been buying clothes for almost 2 yrs now b/c I was pregnant and now that my DD is one I still have some more weight to lose and it's so hard to shop. So now I have no fashion sense :smile:. Most of my coats and jackets are small and uncomfortable to wear....and for some reason I can't stop browsing leather jackets online. I don't know what it is. I didn't see that there was only 1 left on bluefly, but it's not my size anyways. Overstock has them and it's only $189. I am going to wait till my cognac arrives and decide if I really have to have the mushroom color or not. Thanks again!