What to wear with Citrine jewelry

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  1. I have three DY citrine pieces and I find myself only wearing them with this one yellow top I have b/c I don't know what else to wear them with.
    I wear a lot of purples, black, gray, and jewel tone clothing and for some reason, I never feel the citrine goes with those other colors.
    These are the items I have. What colors would you pair with the citrine stone or how would you assessorize?
    Note: I don't wear gold jewely. My Yurman is silver or otherwise, I wear platinum.

  2. I wear mine with black a lot. Though, with the right outfit I think you couls wear it with gray and purple, too. I'm sort of picky about wearing certain colors with certain colors. Just make sure it doesn't clash and you can probably wear it with a lot more than you realize.
  3. This color is my birthstone (some have it as Topaz, others as citrine). I wear it with brown clothing in the fall and winter mostly. In fact I haven't worn any of my citrine/topaz jewerly yet this year (I'm picky, too).
  4. I have a DY Citrine Petite Albion ring and I love it because I feel like the citrine is so neutral. I think it looks great with blue, brown, black, pink, white... pretty much most colors.
  5. i think citrine is a great pop of color for most things. i have yet to see a clash. btw, i have a citrine ring and wear it with my alexandrite as well which is blue/green/purple. looks GREAT together.
  6. WOW Citrines is beautiful and the color is magnificent. I love this jewelry. I love to wear Ear rings with glistening yellow gold mountings.

    Murano Glass Necklaces
  7. Citrine goes well with all colors! Wear it and enjoy it.
  8. I love it with gray clothing: light, dark, heathered all looks good
  9. I like citrine with more neutral tones: cream, camel, white, brown, beige

    I find it gives these colors a nice contrast.