What to wear with brown trousers?

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  1. I find brown a really hard colour to co-ordinate with....what colour top would go with dark brown trousers ?

    Does black go with brown?
  2. I'm not a fan of black&brown, sometimes it works though. I wear brown with beige, off-white, and light gray.
  3. I'm not a fan of black & brown, but I do like Camel and Black.

    Colors that work well w/brown:
    Blue (light blue, turqoise)
    Rose colors (similar to this) or this
    Olive Green
    Jewel Tones (such as deep purple)
    off white
  4. Beige/ off white shirt.
  5. whites and creams/light browns would be your best bet.

    i've seen some people do it with pinks but it's your call whether you like pink or not
  6. I would say a cream top
  7. Cream is always a win. I also love lime green with dark brown. Or a pale blue. Some shades of yellow even look nice. Oooh, and orange-red could look great too.
  8. i love green and brown but not with brown trousers. makes me feel like a tree :smile:
  9. With brown pants, I really like (and it depends on the exact tone, of course) cream, camel, coral, rose pink (and pale pink), blue (pale aqua/turquoise), orange (pale though... more like creamsicle), yellow (pale), etc. Lots of options. Personally, I do not like brown paired with black... IMO, there are far nicer options out there. :smile: