What to wear with BLACK??

  1. Hi,

    need some advice...what bag do all of you use when you wear black ? I love all my mono bags have one black epi, st jacques and the multi black speedy, do you tend to use your black bags when you were black or does the mono bags still work.

    For some reason, I like the Mono bags much better than my black bags but noy sure it looks ok with my black boots, etc.

    thanks for all your advice:smile:
  2. i think mono looks great even when you're wearing black!
  3. i'm all about mirage these days, and it looks fab with black. i also like to wear panda and graffiti with black too, which both have mono on them.
  4. You know...most of my clothes are black (shirts and sweaters, jackets etc..) and I never even give it a second thought when I wear monogram canvas with it..I think it looks just fine.
  5. I like to use my momo bags with any solid color, even black. It is when I have a lot of pattern on my clothes that I feel the mono bag can be "too much"
  6. I agree with everyone^^

    Monogram is definitely a "neutral" choice when paired with black.
  7. Anything goes :tup:
  8. You can easily use the mono with black. I think it gives a nice contrast.
  9. I like the look of black goes on black
  10. I'll use any of my bags except for my Mandarin Jasmin when I'm wearing black.
  11. Hey ~Babydoll~ you wear whatever bag that fancies you that day:yes:. But, the black MC probably would stands out the most if you wear her w/ black on black:tup:
  12. ^Lol I actually always do. I plan my outfits around my bags. :roflmfao:
  13. you can wear anything w/ black.
  14. i def. think you can wear mono with black!
  15. i agree. black looks good with mono. its not too much of a clash and you wouldn't want your lv to blend with the rest of your black outfit :yes: