What to wear with black & whit floral dress?

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  1. What color cardigan/ jacket would you lovely ladies (or men) advise to wear with a black & white silk knee length (sleeveless) dress. It's a floral design, V-neck and has a slight empire waistline..
    I thought that wearing a black or white cardigan may be too boring as my shoes and purse are black as well (?)...so any suggestions? what abou red?

  2. red!
  3. Hmm, really depends on weather, right?? If it's going to be cold, a nice fur (or faux fur) shrug would be nice. If you don't really want a shrug, you can wear a fitted trenchcoat (that goes down right below your knees) that you can cinch around the waist to give you a nicer shape.
    As for accessories, since there's so much going on with the dress (i.e. florals), keep your accessories to a minimum. Wear nice chandeliar earrings in diamond or anything else sparkly. For necklaces, just wear a tiny pendant to keep it simple. Shoes: you can sex the whole look up with patent red r black or white. (keep them patent to give it a more interesting look)
    Do a nice smoky eye and loose, sexy hair.

    P.S. post a pic of the dress so we can see it better and can give you better advice.
  4. thanks to you both!!! :love:
    vogue, I think its gonna be chilly but not too cold as im in SD...er..a shrug sounds good..what color wld you recommend? I've posted pics of me in the dress wth the shoes I plan to wear and 2 diff purses one with gold hardware (both Chanels), one wth silver...the party is in the day time sooo is a smokey eye ok??? hair up or down????thanks sooo much!! :flowers:



  5. how about a metallic mesh cardigan?
  6. thanks lola...do u have any recommendations on which shops?? :yes:
  7. I second the red!
  8. That is a cute dress. I would wear a red belt with red pumps and a black cardigan :smile:
  9. thanks for the suggestion ladies! hmm..decisions decisions...what do you lovely ladies think of a white shrug?
  10. hi passerby!
    thanks for your suggestions but I'm looking for somethng more 'structured' i.e. like a shrug or a cardigan as I already have a few pashmina shawls but I think they are a bit too much for a semi-casual lunch party.. =)
  11. er..also I'm not that good with shawls..haha..I think they don't look right on me =)
  12. i will thanks!
  13. you can get one of those silk/satin boleros. (you know when victoria beckham was in LA looking for a house?? yeah, that kinda bolero)
    If it's a nice more-towards-formal kinda lunch party, make up should be simple and easy..i.e. eyeliner, loads of mascara, nude+light brown eyeshadow, lightly bronzed cheeks and peach lipgloss. and you can just have a natural, light waved hair (keeping it loose and sexy)
    The first bag looks better with the dress. If you choose to use that bag, wear patent red/patent white pumps. (since it's empire waisted, don't bother using a belt. it'll only make you look big.)