What to Wear with a Yellow St. Louis

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  1. For those with a yellow st. louis tote, I need some feedback on what to wear with it. I hardly use mine since I only carry it when I'm wearing a white, black or green top with jeans. TIA :smile:
  2. I have a yellow Marie Gallant (a.k.a. Okinawa bag) and use it all year. I love wearing it with the colors that you mentioned in addition to navy. Since this season brown and golden yellow are "hot" color combos for the moment, I wear mine with chocolate brown. Hope that helps. Oh, yeah, and also charcoal gray looks good, too.:smile:
  3. Thanks for the tip Ladybaga :smile:
  4. You are welcome! (I used my Goyard tonight. Wore camel pants and a blue sweater topped with a Blue Burberry quilted jacket. :smile:) Enjoy your bag!!!
  5. I used my yellow st. louis with a navy top and it looked great. Can't wait to try it with my browns and greys. Thanks again!
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