What to wear with a white jumbo caviar flap?

  1. I am really liking this bag but wondering what kind of bag it is----IS it casual, dressy, both?

    I have a white cambon which is totally casual so I have no problems matching it with stuff

    But what would you wear with a white caviar jumbo? Jeans, a dress? :shrugs:

    Anyone who has pics I would love to see. I have GOT to justify this purchase. So far I can't. LOL

  2. anything!!!
  3. ^^Exactly what I was going to say.
  4. chk the reference library. "celebs and thier chanels" I use to think the classic can only be worn when dressed up, but it actually can be worn with almost everything!
  5. It can be dressed up or down. It's a fabulous bag .... especially in white!
  6. This bag is soooooooo versatile...it can go with jeans, a dress, anything really!

    You'll LOVE this bag - I think you should totally go for it!!! :nuts:
  7. Anything! When I took mine out a had on a cute hoodie, jeans and my UGG boots! Next outing is Vegas baby!
  8. I agree with everyone, which is everything.
  9. Any and everything. Great versatile bag you have :smile:

  10. Is that a pic of it in your avatar? :nuts:

    You don't have a pic modeling it do you? Pretty please :heart:
  11. hi! check the celebs with chanel thread and also the flap thread in the ref library. it completely changed my mind on what the flap can be worn with....from wondering what to now wondering why i don't yet have one....:roflmfao:
    you have an amazing collection already from what i recall of all different styles of bags, and i think this bag would be a lovely addition and i'm sure you will use her often and she will never go out of style...
    good luck!
  12. anything goes...

    sorry..can't post pics.. but can refer u to luccibag's thread...in "pic of u & yr bags" in chnel forum
  13. I agree on the anything too.. I dont find it formal at all.. i'm always casual and chanel flap bags are my favorites!!
  14. I like it dressed down, but as everyone else has said, it would work with anything!
  15. I tried it on today in the store and loved it. I was in my work attire so I was a business casual but I could see it dressed down too.

    I WANT ONE!!:sweatdrop: Even edited my signature. LOL