What to wear with a turquoise bag?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I bought this Anya Hindmarch bag last summer and it's been sitting in my wardrobe as I don't know what to wear with this bag apart from black and white. Summer is here again and I would like to use this bag more often. Any suggestions?

    Many Thanks.
  2. I think it would also look great with brown or navy coloured clothing IMO.
  3. Oh Londoner - that is the very bag I have been trying to buy but they've all gone. Even the outlet doesn't have it! You lucky, lucky thing!!
    Anyway, I'd wear it with navy, white, it looks good with a pale lemony yellow and you can get away with it with coral - great colour, goes with most things.
    Enjoy, and I shall sit here enviously!
  4. I love that bag, it would look great with all black, brown, navy, cream its a really fun bag.. enjoy it!
  5. Brown goes great turquoise. I wear a turquoise shirt and brown slacks. There are lots of shirt that have little aqua in it. People always comment on how pretty my turquoise bag is....
  6. Thanks everyone. Great suggestions. Will try wearing those colours of clothing.

    sarajane, I saw the bag in the AH outlet in Bicester Village back in December. Have you called AH to do a search? I am sure you can find a new turquoise bag this summer and sale is coming soon.
  7. Turquoise also looks good with fuchsia. :yes:
  8. Hi Londoner - I got straight on to AH in Bicester this morning but none available. However, there is a purple one on eBay that I'm keeping an eye on. I never do eBay but might have to break my rule just this one as I so love the cosser.
    I bought it last summer in the yellow but wasn't sure about the colour. I returned it but have been kicking myself ever since.
    AH said that the cosser was their most popular line and they didn't understand why she stopped it.
  9. Blue jeans? Do you think it is too dressy to go casual? I just bought a blue bag and was thinking the same thing. I think it's one of those colors that doesn't have to match the outfit. What would you do with a fuchsia bag? Wear it with whatever you want. It's too hard to match those bags.
  10. Pretty bag! I tend to like white clothing with brighter colored bags.
  11. I tend to just wear anything with colored bags as long as the colors don't clash. Not a lot clashes with turquise IMO.

    But if it is a brighter turquoise I would probably stick to neutrals like white, cream, brown, etc. and let the bag be the focal point. Certain pastels like a yellow would probably work well too. I just would avoid pairing too much bright stuff together.
  12. I find turquoise very versatile...it goes with *everything* except primary colors IMO.
  13. I agree. I wear my bag with blue jeans and white top. Also looks great with black.
  14. navy, or black
  15. definitely neutrals so your bag really pops. Gorgeous!!