what to wear with a speedy?

  1. i have a mini lin speedy and i have no idea what to wear with it......
    what do gals from any lv speedy wear with it?

    a pair of jeans, white shirt and some white converse to be super casual?
  2. That is why I love the speedy, everything goes with it!
  3. i have mono speedy i pair it with jeans, any fitted shirt, pumps, flats, rubbershoes... in short anything you wear will go with it :smile: but i never tried it with formal dress...
  4. It's a classic so anything goes.......enjoy!
  5. you could wear anything you want with it. jeans, chucks, and a tee, a mini worn with uggs or you can even dress it up a lot and wear a dress. i've seen all speedies worn all of those ways. i use my speedies everyday, so i'm always wearing them with something different. so what ever you feel like wearing, go with it. it'll always look good with the bag. i've even seen people wearing it with sweats.
  6. honestly... anything
  7. Anything, really! LV looks luxurious in jeans or a suit......:yes:
  8. my mono speedy must go with brown tone!!! whatever casual or not.
  9. I think the Speedy would go with anything. :happydance:
  10. I agree! EVERYTHING!!!
  11. Another echo....absolutly everything!
  12. Don't worry it goes with anything!!!! The bag is beautiful itself so you just wear what you normally wear. You'll be fine!!!! :smile:
  13. :yes:
    Since I'm in a tropical country I'm always in either jeans or short denim skirts, tank tops, ballet flats or flip flops........ and my speedy always matches........
  14. Pretty much everything yeah!
  15. I wear my 2 Speedys with EVERYTHING!!!!!