What to Wear With A Spaghetti Strap Dress In Winter???

  1. How can you still be warm in a spaghetti strap dress in the winter and still look good? For example, what could I put with the dress below. I work in a professional office with professional dress. How I can still look sophisticated and professional in this silk dress during this cold weather? Thanks for any help!!!

  2. Ooh, I love wearing my sundresses in the winter! It helps me stretch out my wardrobe and wear all my clothes all year long. :yes:

    I recently wore a spaghetti sun dress a couple weeks ago. It was cold, so I paired it with black leggings, closed-toe wedge heels, a cardigan, and a scarf. In fact, if you want to see a picture, click on the link in my signature. :yes: You can also use black hosiery instead of leggings if it's too cold for leggings.
  3. I'll be wearing a strapless dress for Christmas in Wisconsin :nuts: I'll be wearing a cardigan over it though.
  4. How about a fur jacket or bolero?
  5. Here's how I'd wear it.


    Black blazer, sleeves rolled up
    Heels - but no open toes, something like CL Decolletes.

    Black leather jacket, sleeves rolled up
    Shoe boots such as these bath oil's from Clarks (UK)
    or CL C'est Moi?


    Perhaps if you are feeling brave and the dress lands above your knee go for some wet look leggings and shoe boots!!
  6. A cardigan or blazer would be good, but just make sure the dress isn't too low-cut.
  7. i was going to say leather jacket, but its not right for the office. hmm could do you a shirt underneath it or would that look too 'grandma' (no offense, grandma's)
  8. tank top underneath for modesty, a black or colored cardi and close toed shoes.
  9. ive been wearing my sundresses with a cardigan or a blazer with a skinny belt around my waist along with stockings =) i love being able to wear pretty dresses all year round now!
  10. These are really good ideas ladies. Thank you!!!
  11. a cute fitted jacket or a cardigan
  12. Love the Clarks! Is there any place to get them in the U.S.?