What to wear with a red pencil skirt so it doesn't make me look like a stewardess?

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  1. Hi all!

    I have a pencil skirt in red (I think very close to a tomato red) that I absolutely love, but have never been able to wear because I feel like whatever I match it with, makes me look like a stewardess... i've attached a pic of it.. any one have any ideas? Or is it just the fact that it's that color, shape, and length (just above the knee) that will make whatever I match it with very stewardess-like, and I should just embrace that look? Thanks!

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  2. nude or metallic pump! black bootie!
    if you are comfortable with edgy, peep toe bootie!
    good luck!
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    What about color blocking? Yellow or orange, silver would be nice too. As long as you aren't tucking in a fitted button up I don't think you'll look like a flight attendant, lol!
    A fitted tee or a tank w/ a cardi on top would be cute too.
  4. here are a few options:
    paired with a polka dot, chambray or animal print shirt

    or a simple shell with a peplum jacket (I saw this one on Phi that I think is gorgeous):
  5. Loving all your suggestions! I think I'll be trying it with the black bootie (I have a pair in mind with studs on the back hehe), silver top (when I find the perfect shade of silver), and polka dots or animal print. Thanks everyone!
  6. I've one like this too! I soften the look with a grey fitted tee and necklaces, and basically avoid neck scarves or boxy jackets :P I think the bootie idea is a great one. I wear either patent pumps with mine or wedges.
  7. I wear my red pencil skirt with a black batwing top and leopard print platform pumps. This outfit makes me feel like Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones. :smile:
  8. Cute concept!
  9. You can dress it down with striped sweaters.

    I got this Maje dress and paired it with a Joie striped sweater.
  10. I wear my red pencil skirt with a soft metallic gold dolman sleeve sweater.
  11. That sounds like a great idea!

    Can't wait to try everyone's ideas!
  12. I wear my red pencil skirt with a silk top (not a button up blouse). Normally I'll wear black, but sometimes I wear a purple top with it too and the colours go together very nicely. Normally I wear it with black pointy toed patent flats.
  13. Winter white off the shoulder Angora sweater...makes guys wanna touch u.
  14. I wore my red pencil skirt with an Equipment button up white top with black star print tucked in, with a black belt and some black pumps.
  15. lol