What to wear with a brown handbag?

  1. I have my eye on this bag but it is a colour completely foreign to me.. brown! Most of my bags are either black, black.. or white. (I'm a monochromatic kinda gal!) :sweatdrop: What colours/clothes would look good with a brown bag?
  2. I carry a brown bag when I'm wearing brown, ivory, camel, or forest or olive green.

    I actually think camel bags are more versatile than dark brown ones- they look great with all the colors above, but also look good with navy blue, and can even look good with black if I'm doing a black and camel outfit. :yes:

  3. you can pretty much where any color with brown. i think brown goes well with anything i.e. pink, turquoise, yellow, red, green, orange, etc.
  4. After a lifetime of essentially ignoring brown, even having picked up some vague notion somewhere that people with black hair shouldn't wear it, the recent Brown Explosion happened to coincide with my Complete Wardrobe Replacement, and I learned that there are not really any shades of brown that look bad on me, and some of them look fabulous!

    So I have been having a lot of fun with brown, not just brown bags, but brown everything, and some of my favorite brown bag companions are brown pants and a pink top. Or brown pants and an aqua top. And to my surprise, a lavender top also works with a brown bag and pants!

    You can also do an all-neutral look, beige top, brown bag, beige or brown pants, and then pop it all with some magnificent and colorful bling from some far-flung mountain hamlet or other, or a distant desert plain...

    About the only thing I don't do too much with a brown bag is a brown top. Brown tops usually end up wheedling for a red bag, jumping up and down and yanking my sleeve until I give in.
  5. I also wear a lot of black but recently added brown to my wardrobe and find that black and brown are fine together, even chocolate brown. Greens and blues are great with brown, I'll even wear grey with my brown bags.
  6. Chocolate brown bag would look stunning with an all black outfit.
  7. I used to be a black lady too but since I got my speedy I started to look for brown cloths. I think brown is very easy to match and I love the way it looks with tourquise and light blue.
  8. i wear mostly black and i love my chestnut colored bag with all black. it really pops against my black coat.

    i like it with everything i wear, which is mostly black, white and gray (if im felling crazy i wear a plum sweater.) haha.

    i just posted this photo of my new coat on here and i think the black and brown are real nice together.
  9. my dear, brown is the other goes-with-every-damn-thing colour!! try on different stuff with it...most colours work..assuming you dont wear neon bright colours.
  10. You can carry a brown bag when you are wearing earthtones and all the fall colors ..... camel, rust, burnt orange, moss green, mustard yellow, etc.
  11. I think a brown bag would also look good w/ purples and blues..
  12. I have a dark brown bag and it seems to work nicely with just about anything.
  13. I HATE black and never wear it and my one and only bag is Moka brown...

    I find black only goes with more black, white and red, but brown can be worn with:

    navy blue
    sky blue
    teal blue
    olive green
    grass green
    spring green
    pale pink
    other shades of brown

    Ok I will stop. Brown is 1,000 times more versatile and flattering than black!
  14. I agree and it looks soo hot with purple and also gold accersorizes
  15. I love your new bag. It does look great with the black coat.