What to wear w/ your Stam?

  1. I was just curious for those of you with your Stams, do you wear whatever your feelin that day with your bags or do you coordinate your clothes specifically with your Stam. I just got my new Bronze one today and she is a beauty...

    Normally, I just wear whatever, but sometimes I will save my good bags for going out at night, etc. not for everyday boppin around.

    Is the Stam a glamorous everyday bag or a special day bag? Or how have you seen other women carrying it?

    Just getting ideas!
  2. To me the stam is an everyday bag. Even the chalk patent, I feel, is a day bag. They go with everything. You can dress them up or down.
  3. Thanks Greenie! That is the kind of info I wanted to hear. I bought a Bronze and wanted to get ideas on how to wear it. I always think of my bags as my item that sets my outfits off.

    I was beginning to think no one would reply! Thanks!:biggrin:
  4. I think the Stam is very versitile. I carry my ivory in the day with jeans, take the chain off and carry it with juicy tracksuits and sweats. The chain makes the bag alot more dressy for me, so it work at night too!!
    one of my favourite bags. :heart:
  5. Stam IMO is a very casual style. It goes well with jeans, Tshirts, sweaters... Especially MJ's bronze color is not a very flashy kinda of metallic. So u don't even have to worry about it.

    I attached a few photos to show how others wear stam.
    1146788159_0484.jpg 1146789856_3196.jpg 1146789897_5435.jpg
  6. Thanks HermesBB!
  7. Congrats on your bronze stam! I just read your other post... are you keeping it? I would definitely prefer bronze over black :P I'd wear the bag with simple (can be casual of course!) clothes and minimal jewellery to make the bag stand out...
  8. Hi Lovensparkle!

    I think I am going to keep my Bronze Stam. While I love it in black I would have preferred the nappa leather, but really think the bronze is versatile. I was just checking it out earlier this morning again to see how I like it against clothes, etc. and it really is a stuning bag.

    Still expensive, but if this the most stylish expensive bag I own who cares right.:smile:
  9. I think the stam could look really niced dressed up or down.
  10. You can wear the stam with anything. :amuse:
  11. I just love this bag. Wear it with everything!
  12. I see Stam with everything. It can be dressed up and down. =)