What to wear w/tall boots

  1. I love the tall boots that I'm seeing in the stores/boutiques.
    The ones I'm seeing have detailing on the top of the boot.
    My only question is what do you wear that's short enough to show the pretty detailing?
  2. I just bought a pair or slouchy boots that I found at Nordies and I'm in loove with them! I actually plan to wear them with jeans, preferable skinny jeans that you can tuck in similar to this pic of kate moss? I even got some gray jeans just like her..:yes:

    is this what you had in mind?
    kate_moss.jpg jess_2.jpg
  3. Cute and comfy sweater dresses, maybe a wool skirt and you could also tuck your jeans into them as the weather get's colder.
  4. Tucked into jeans
    With a short skirt with tights
    With a knee length skirt
    With gauchos (yes, I love gauchos and I'm not afraid to admit it)
    And I like the sweater dress idea above
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