what to wear w/ red silk dress?

  1. i have a red silk dress that i'm planning to wear for new years. its not bright red like the above writing but its a bit darker. its fitted through the top, low cut, and then flares out at the bottom. i'm getting it hemmed to above my knee but i'm at a loss for what shoes to wear with it!!!

    i have a pair of pale gold strappy stilettos... but i'm worried i'll look like an xmas tree! (BTW I'M WEARING THIS FOR NEW YEARS!) and what accessories?!?!?! and makeup! should i go for a golden smokey eye or should i do the classic with the red lips?
    i usually never wear anything red so i'm at a loss!

    i'll try to post up photos later on in the week (exams right now!)

    thank you!
  2. I personally love red dresses with gold shoes and accessories. Love the red lip too, but I know not everyone can pull it off. I don't think you would look like a Christmas tree with silver shoes. That will make it quite festive for New Years. I would love to see some pics to help decide.
  3. I like to wear simple black pumps with red dresses but that's just me. I just bought CL Lady Gres in tweed which is like a gray/silvery color but it comes in several other colors including black. Rolandos would look nice too :tup:

    I think it's easier to give recommendations with a picture, so I'll share more when you post pics!
  4. soo... her are some pictures of the dress!
    dress1.JPG dress2.JPG dress3.JPG dress 4.JPG
  5. How about gold strappy heels...and a thin draping gold necklace.
  6. I think you can pull strappy silver heels and minimal jewelry. Go smoky eyes and very light lipstick, like a gloss. Smoky dress, BTW!!!!
  7. it's very cute...
  8. hot dress! i think it could go with silver or gold or black...or even a bright color (i love that look)!
  9. I LOVE that dress!
  10. thanks everyone! i'm stuck between the black and the gold... like sweetpea83 said i might go for pale gold strappy sandals and a long thin draping necklace... OR i might do black peep toes (is that too solid for the dress?) or black strappy sandals, red nails and red clutch and find some accessories....

    i'm also cutting the dress to above the knee... oh DECISIONS!
  11. I prefer red and gold... red and black reminds me of little devil cartoons. Gorgeous dress! Lots of boobage too... :smile:
  12. I think black would be too harsh for a pretty red dress like that. I would go for strappy gold heels...nothing too elaborate though. Because of the decorative bustline, you could also do some more dramatic dangling gold earrings and skip the necklace. A simple gold necklace with simple gold earrings would look pretty too. Maybe finish it off with a chunky gold bangle and a clutch in a bold contrasting color like purple...even a leopard print clutch might look fun for new years eve!

  13. Hot dress! I think gold accessories would be better.
  14. Red and gold will look great for the holiday season.
  15. thanks!!! i think i will definately do that, i was thinking the gold bangles too! and WHERE did you find that leopard clutch? its gorgeous!!!! :heart::heart::heart: in fact i tried on my leopard pumps with the dress and it looks nice too, but this clutch is mmmmmmm to die for!

    thanks for everyone's input! and forever21 - its ALL in the bra! hahaha