what to wear w/ new boots?!

  1. hi hi!

    recently bought this frye campus flower boots for a really good deal!!! discounted at Nordstroms from $256 to $128!!!!! i wasn't able to pass that up!!

    but now, i'm totally lost! what can i wear these wonderful boots with?! they are a nice berry color...which makes it harder to match =(

    help my fellow fashionstas at tPF


    Today, i wore it w/ this sweater + legging...but not sure if it really went well..
    w/ coat
    thanks for all the help!
  2. I think it looks nice paired with tights and casual dresses. No formal dresses though!
  3. you rock those boots, thats for sure!
  4. I think the outfits you wore look great with those boots. I have them in green and wear them all the time!
  5. priin: yes, i also do think formal dress would be super tacky w/ these boots.

    crylater: thankies!!

    pippop: really? what do you pair w/ your boots? I'm at a total lost on how to wear these boots.
  6. I wear mine with tights or leggings and with jeans, though I don't tuck jeans into them...it looks weird to me. Sometimes I just wear them with dresses with nothing underneath (tights, etc). I think they go with more than you'd expect!
  7. A denim skirt and a cute top...
  8. really cute, how about with a nice button down tucked in to a nice pair of jeans with a belt in similar color ALA rachel bilson
  9. wow! your boots have a unique style than others...
  10. hmm i agree that this colour is not that easy to mix and match around with.
    i will wear it with a very simple outfit and either a black bag or a bag that is close to e colour of the boots. bt then, the rest of the outfit will be just black, grey or white.
    if you have too many colours for the outfit, together with this boots, you're gonna look too busy.
    jmho =)
  11. thanks guys for all your inputs!

    i think it's really limited with what i could wear with it currently, since it's winter here and i need to keep warm.

    I was thinking...a mini demin skirt and legging? does that sound tacky?
    it's hard to tuck the jeans into it because it's not that roomy. *#)$(#@$ @ my thick calfs!
  12. I don't think that you should go for the denim mini skirt look, that's too last year. Stick with casual dress and leggings...
  13. great deal on your cute boots. I like how you are wearing them in the pics :smile: