What to wear w/ Mike & Chris Danny Jacket

  1. The UPS guy just came with my Danny jacket (ordered off Tobi) and the leather is amazingly soft. I consider myself a fashion challenged person ( I wear jeans + t's 24/7) so I was wondering if I can get some recommendations on what to wear with it.


    PS I think I'm officially hooked on Mike & Chris now. The leather is heavenly. ::drool::
  2. [​IMG]

    oo thats really cute. i would wear it with a lot of layers like a long top with long sleeves that peak out of the coat and skinny jeans. and maybe throw a scarf in there.
  3. OOhhh thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I have short and stubby legs. While I love wearing skinny jeans, they make me look even shorter because my torso is abnormally long. =(
  4. I love, love, LOVE that jacket!! If you're on the shorter side with a longer torso I think that this jacket was a great choice since it's slightly cropped. I would wear it with a pair of jeans that are slightly higher waisted and that flair slightly at the bottom. You could probably find a ton of cute jeans that are like this, but I'm going to recommend 7's Ginger style - I have them in the Mercer wash and I love them! Nordstrom has the Ginger style in several other colors right now, too!