what to wear w/Damier?

  1. I have both mono and damier bags... and treat mono as a neutral...so generally i wear it with all colors, except if something is really bright, or silver toned...etc

    With damier though...i feel much more limited in the range of colors... i feel like i gotta be wearing brown if i'm carrying my damier speedy..

    So i want to get ideas, and maybe pictures, of what kind of colors/outfits you wear with your damier bags!
  2. I think Damier goes well with black, a very classy look!!
  3. I like Damier with red because of the lining. Silly, I know, because no one can see the lining but I think it looks good together.
  4. I wear it with just about everything..it looks good with red, black, white, gray, pink, blue..you name it. The only thing I really wouldn't wear it with is orange, but that's just me.
  5. hmmm...i can see most of those colors work...but pink and blue... not sure...:shrugs:
  6. i think it looks good with basic and neutral colors.
  7. It goes with everything IMO. It is after all....LV.
  8. I admit I like matching my outfit to the bag or my bag to the outfit-depends on if I have 'planned' an outfit. I only have the damier make up bag- which I use on my small bag only days and the cles, and I would carry it with any color.
  9. I think it goes with mostly basic and neutrals. I love wearing black with my damier bags. :smile:
  10. I agree with rebecca, everything! It is LV after all lol
  11. ITA with the red b/c of the red lining lol. I think the red lining of the Damier line looks fantastic, so why not a red shirt? When I get my Damier pap that I am dying for, I would wear it with a red shirt and jeans, or black, probably pink (i love pink and brown, esp. chocolate brown), and any kind of white or cream color.
  12. i wear anything with it. although i am partial to basic colors.
  13. I wear anything with my damier speedy. Almost all colors, well just like others says it is LV afterall ;)
  14. I dont own any damier, but I tried the speedy on in the store. I think it looks amazing w/ anything, esp black. I would not limit myself to only wearing it with brown. I tend to dress in a pretty simple and classic way so to me, the damier would match anything. Very classy design..I love it!!
  15. I wear almost all colors with my daimer speedy. It looks great with all basic and neutral colors.