What to wear w/ a purple purse?

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  1. I just bought an Eggplant colored Anna Corinna. This will be my first colored handbag. (my others are black, mouse (MJ taupe color), white, brown, etc.
    What would you wear with a colored bag such as purple so that the bag compliments the outfit but doesn't clash? Would you stick w/ a neutral outfit such as blacks, grays, etc or would you mix it up?
  2. [​IMG]This is the bag I got.
  3. Excellent question, I've always hard a hard time matching other colours to purple besides the obvious black or white!
  4. I usually tend to play it safe, so yes, I would stick to blacks, grays, even ivory and tans. However, it would be fun to change it up and pair it with greens :smile:
  5. I do have an eggplant (Balenciaga though) and it can be tricky. As the others said, neutrals (except brown in my opinion) look good with it (particularly grey). It's harder to wear with lighter colors but I actually like it against anything with a grey undertone, (e.g. greyish green, mauve or light cool pink). And if you're daring, worn with the right yellow (i've seen this but haven't tried it yet) it can really pop. Good luck!
  6. ^^ wait, i just took a better look at the picture you posted. It looks like quite a different shade than my bag. If it has a plum undertone -scratch what i said about lighter colors. ISorry
  7. I would pair an eggplant bag with deep blue/teal colors, olive green or a golden green, lilac, and the basic white and ivory.
  8. ITA. Absolutely gorgeous bag, BTW!!:tup:
  9. I think you will find that it goes with more than you may think. I have a few colorful bags, purples, teals, etc... and sometimes they just add the right pop of color... try it on with an outfit one day, grab your purse... sometimes you're surprised at how cute it can look, and other times I'm like omg no and switch to something more neutral :smile:I think its a cute bag, hope you have lots of fun using it!

  10. I agree with this.

    I would stay away from pairing it with all black, because eggplant is dark, and with black it will look almost like a "washed-out" or weird colored "black."
  11. I love the suggestion of wearing it with teal. I have a teal tweed coat that I think it would be super cute with! Thanks!
  12. Absolutely beautiful bag!

    Definitely have fun with color! You can pick a LOT of colors to go with that bag--greens/teals, blues, other shades of purple. Below is a link to a color spectrum wheel--I know this might sound clinical, but it helps to get an idea of what will go together: find the area of the color you're working with, and then look to the left and right of it--these colors will be compatible with your color. Also, look directly across the wheel at the colors on the other side--these colors will also be compatible, but in a bolder and more daring way.

    Have fun and post pictures so we can see! :tup:

  13. Nice bag!

    Ever thought of a grey suit?

    I do greys with my purple boots and bootie.
  14. Oooh, gray suit would be cute!
  15. Well, not true. Neutrals aren't the ONLY color that goes with purple. :nogood: Think of the color wheel. (I'm thinking back to Floral design hehe) Neutrals being black, white, brown, beige, navy, match it with bold patterns with a bit of purple, depending on the colors, possibly no purple at all. Also, depending on the shade of purple, pair it with a shade of bright blue or pink (in an accessory). Yellow also goes with purple quite well.
    The options are endless.
    Skirts and scarves are a good way to match odd colored things also! :yes: