What to wear under H & M's gauzy 3/4 sleeve dresses?

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  1. H&M has some gauzy 3/4 length sleeve dresses right now but they are unlined. They have little buttons on the bib of the dress.

    Anyway, what do you wear under these dresses and does H&M sell something that goes under it that I haven't seen?

    I have slips and whatnot but those seem to "sexy" underneath.
  2. can you post a picture?
  3. same color lace legging would be nice, or you can do a slip, with the lace showing on the bottom. might need to post a picture so we don't give you weird advice!
  4. i c...if you do black leggings and black cami...you should look fine.
  5. I agree: leggings and a cami! :tup:
  6. with flower print, no lace legging, simple black as mentioned above!