What to wear under a blazer??

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  1. I've been trying to dress up skinny jeans with a blazer, but can't find the right top to go underneath it.

    I can't decide between something colorful, like this McQ top or something plainer with a really bold print. I really like this Don't Tell My Tailor tank, but I'm not sure if it too long to go under a blazer.........maybe tucked in?? :confused1:

    More pictures to follow tomorrow when I can go through my closet- :welcome:

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  2. I think long under a blazer with skinnies looks great. I tend to wear helmut lang or kain thin tees underneath my bf or reg blazers.
  3. ^ agreed! or james p plain tanks
  4. I also prefer blank/plein T-s under a blazer
  5. Looks that I like with blazers and skinnies


    To dress it up add a pin, or a long pedant or even better a foulard.
  6. I like plain T's and singlets when it comes to wearing a blazer and skinny jeans. For me, I find that if I wear something with a bold print it takes the attention away from my blazer!
  7. either something plain, or with a simple print. but it should be longer
  8. tees or plain tanks
  9. Ok I tried tanks.....I don't really have any tees that work. I have huge t-shirts I use to sleep in.

    I think I am a little too ample up top to wear a tank under a blazer. I did find a tank with a comic print on it that I sleep in that works, but I think I would need to wear casual boots to make it work.

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  10. I did find this black tank with a graphic print on it, but I think it looks a little too busy. (I apologize for the mess in the background, I am tearing up my closet trying to find an outfit for Saturday)

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  11. I love love love this outfit Lindsey Lohan wore the last time she went to court- I would love to try some variation on this, but I don't have a flowy skirt and my tuxedo jacket has satin trim (anyone remember when half of Bebe's collections were satin? I bought some pieces during that time unfortunately)

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  12. I tend to wear long, plain tees with my blazer. I also wear light sweaters/long sleeved tees, but still without a print.
  13. I got the idea to try and make an outfit with a skirt, since everyone suggests a long tee/tank with jeans and I don't have any :shucks:

    I showed someone and they told me I looked like a female Karl Lagerfeld...

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  14. :: sigh ::

    I really like the shoes, tights, skirt and blazer- I've never worn those together and I like ti but I think he's right.....I look too much like KL

    Any ideas for what kind of top can go with this?

    This is why I need help! I can never get the top right, the rest of the outfit is always right, but I mess up with the top everytime
  15. ^ Can that top be worn untucked??