what to wear to Vegas? SPICE GIRLS CONCERT!

  1. Hi ladies,

    So next Tuesday I am taking off to Vegas to see the Spice Girls reunion tour at Mandalay Bay. My sister and I are flying out early Tuesday morning to spend the day gambling,shopping, getting massages etc. We are attending the concert in the evening, heading to the Playboy club after, and then leving wednesday afternoon after some more gambling and shopping. Since I am only staying for one night, I am looking to pack EXTREMELY LIGHT. Also, it is suppose to be about 38 degrees in the evening, so I need help with dressing to not freeze at night without bringing any bulky winter items. My main problem is luggage, I really only have big pieces and no convenient carry on roll aways I can bring. I have a vintage Dior suitcase that is carryon size but it is very heavy and i dont want to lug that thing around. What I had planned to do was to bring only my Balenciaga courier and a garmet bag for my dress, but I dont know how well that will work. I figured i would wear some comfortable wide leg jeans,tee, and my leather crop jacket ( which i could wear with my dress at night as well)and comfy wedges on the plane (perhaps with a scarf), and carry an extra pair of jeans,tee,tolietry bag,wrislet,and evening shoes in my courier. My dress would go in a garmet bag to carry on the plane as well. That would pretty much leave me without a purse to carry around when i got there though...so I am little stuck on that issue. I dont fly often and when i do it is for long trips that i pack entirely different for so if anyone has any recomendations on that i would appreciate it. My other order of business is my dress. I bought it last minute (I wont recieve it until Monday) and cant decide how to accessoize and stay warm in it while i am there. Since it is arriving the day before I leave i wont have much time to experiment with it, so I am looking to you creative and stylish ladies for help. Here is the dress (remember i will be wearing this to a concert and then out to a club later)

    I dont want to copy the model's outfit exactly, but i was thinking of wearing the black opaque tights would keep me warm, and i have a pair of black peep toe patent dior stilletoes i could wear with them. That just leave a sweater or jacket to wear....so I was thinking the black cropped leather jacket i wear on the plane would work. Is that too predictable and boring? I also havent decided on accessories aside from my wristlet. I have a pair of gold cracked leather miu miu t-strap sandals i considered wearing instead of the dior pumps, but i was worried that would look to matchy matchy with the wristlet. here is a picture of shoes and wristlet (i dont have a picture of the jacket but it is just standard black leather, cropped and fitted style. not swingy like the model's):



    Again this outfit has to take me from the concert to a club, and I want to be as confortable, stylish, and appropriate as possible - without being boring or too generic. Any recommendations on accessories (like necklaces,bangles,rings,etc) would be helpful, as well as opinions on the outfit i have already put together or suggestions on packing would be very helpful. ;)
  2. here is a [​IMG]better picture of the dress
  3. I love that outfit!
    I just came back from the Vancouver concert. It was amazing. You will have such a good time!
    I would suggest something you are comfortable in moving around in to the concert, For all the jumping and singing you will be doing lol.
  4. that is a cute outfit. I just went to their concert in San Jose on Tuesday!! It was great, even though I was one of the oldest people there and I am only in my mid 20's..
  5. Very cute outfit!! Have fun! I just saw JLO and Marc Anthony at the MGM and it was fantastic. I just wore jeans and a crop jacket over a light sweater. It is cold here now, even in the day. I went out today and I have on a thin sweater with a cropped jacket. I haven't brought out my winter coat yet, but at night, you'll need a heavier jacket...like your leather one. It's to be rainy the next few days and that will really bring the temps down. Last weekend it rained and it was freezing!
  6. veryyy cute outfitt! where did u get the jacket?
  7. thanks all, I am so excited about this concert....i was a little worried the dress wasnt "vegas" enough, but i think it will be okay.

    And my leather jacket is from bebe fall 2006 but i dont have any pics. I will post a picture of the entire outfit as soon as i get it put together. Thanks for the input ladies!
  8. love the dress..it'd be perfect. i'm so jealous; u get to see them!!
  9. oooh lucky!! have lots of fun!! i cant wait to see them, i just got tickets for their Feb. 18 show in nyc :yahoo:
  10. Cute dress!
  11. I love your dress and I envy that your going to see the girls live!

    On your problem, I think that jacket could work for double purpose with your jeans and dress