what to wear to vegas. Please advise

  1. I am going to vegas in early march for my 30th birthday. Nightclubs we will be visiting are Rain and Ghostbar at the Palms. RA' at Luxur and Light at the Bellagio. I purchased two outfits so far, are they overdone. I don't want to be overdressed, but I would like to be dressed to kill. Here are the links to the dresses I purchased. I like how the models paired with opaque tights, but I can do bare leg or fishnets if more skin is necessary. What are your thoughts on the outfits. Thanks in advance.


  2. oohh - I love both outfits - as someone who visits Vegas regularly I can tell you that "anything goes".

    Vegas has some of the best people watching in the nation - so, wear whatever you want because you will see ALL kinds - trust me!!
  3. Oh thank you Logan,

    That makes me feel good. I LOVED both too, but then had second thoughts. Thanks again.

    Oh do you think I should wear fishnets, bare leg or opaques?
  4. I am a huge fishnet fan.

    With the first outfit I would rock some fishnets - with the red jumper outfit I would go bare-legged with some knee-high boots.

    Have fun and be sure to put your CC's on notice - the shopping is TDF!! :yes:
  5. OOOH HAVE FUN!! :biggrin: I just got back from Vegas, LOVE IT. Vegas is really a place where you can wear whatever you want, 'anything goes' is a good rule.
    I think the opaque tights look good!
  6. Veags is one place where you can never be overdressed! Go with whatever you want! Have fun!
  7. Oh thanks Ladies! I feel good now. anotheremptysky, I noticed you went to see Celine. How was it? I am going to see prince while I am there. I can't wait. I love that little man!
  8. Prince's show is great!!! I was a little disappointed with his restuarant though. I may have hit it too soon after opening (the first week it opened) but the food was average, no chef's specials, and the waitstaff unexperienced. The dining room's vibe was very off as well as being too noisey. This isn't a cheap restaurant so I demand a certain level when I'm paying $$$ for a meal.
  9. Good I can't wait. I didn't plan to eat at the restuarant anyway - we are spending a lot of $ as it is. Also, I have heard bad reviews on the restaurant including yours. I haven't heard one person say the food or service was great. I'll eat before I go. LOL!
  10. Oh, don't forget your coat! It does get cold in Vegas.
  11. I think the second dress is more casual...you can wear to dinner or while gambling. It gets cold in the casinos, so tights would be fine. I think you can wear the first dress out to one of those clubs, but not with tights - you'll get too hot! (Then again, if the length is really that short, wear tights! You don't wanna give a free show). I agree with the other ladies, you can't be "overdressed" in vegas..unless you wear a full length ball gown. ;) Have fun!
  12. love the first outfit, definately very vegas. i'd wear it with fishnets because, hey, it's las vegas. go all the way with what you're wearing, it's the best place to do it. i'd do the second with some patent leather and a wide headband for a mod, 60s feel.
  13. I like the first dress. Is the back backless? I'd do bare-legged for the club (or else it gets hot).

    Have fun!
  14. Awesome outfits, love the Mod style you've chosen. Vegas is seriously anything goes. Just be casual and wear the most comfortable but sexy shoes you have since sitting is hard when those nightclubs get packed during the weekends and so is walking everywhere.
  15. I'm not sure if it is backless. I brought the dresses online. Hopefully they fit, LOL. I should have them by tommorow. I will report back :yes: