What to Wear to the Ballet?

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  1. So my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see the Nutcracker in NYC after work this week. Has anyone been before? I know that Broadway shows have become very "anything goes" these days but is the ballet the same? I will be coming from work so is business casual okay? If so, does it matter if I go the high end or the low end of the business casual spectrum? Would the suit route be better? :confused1:

    Any input from you ladies, particularly those who have been before, would be more than greatly appreciated.
  2. business casual is definitely ok. no need to spend on something high end. some black pants with some nice heels and a nice top is great for the ballet, and plus its freezing here as you know lol
  3. Thank you! Black pants with a nice top and heels is practically my uniform.

    Do you know whether we have to stand in the cold for an hour before we get in like you do on Broadway? That could be a huge factor in the attire decision. What is bearable temperature-wise for a brisk walk to and from work/home/theater is VERY different than what's bearable standing still in the cold for up to an hour. That is SO my least favorite part of going to shows (including the part where you have to explain repeatedly to tourists that EVERYONE in line already has tickets just like them and we all need to wait just to go in and hand them over. SO. FRUSTRATING.).
  4. I went a long time ago and it was cold also...its pretty big in there so i think you can wait inside. since you already have your seats just go like 5 to 10 mins before the show starts.

  5. business casual is the way I think. As it is cold you ought to throw on a warm jacket (I usually wear a cashmere or my black mink jacket). I usually top it off with black trousers and some nice heels.

    Have fun !
  6. A ballet usually says "i'm arty, i'm chic, and i'll dress to show it"...
    I would say something really chic, easy, and arty. Like a black babydoll dress, leggings, boots with high heels, a great statement bag and a wool coat/trench.
  7. i'm going to see the nutcracker at lincoln center in about 2 weeks. you should report back how it goes! :smile: i've always wanted to see them so i'm super excited! anyway, as far as clothing, i think business casual is okay. i agree [vogue]. maybe a sweater dress with leggings and a nice coat. have fun!!
  8. I just went and wore black pants, a nice gray cashmere cardigan, and great heels. Comfortable, warm, and one of the most "dressed" there.
  9. I'm going to see the nutcracker in about a week as well!! I plan on wearing a black bubble skirt with a creme-colored isaac mizrahi top, sheer black tights and black mary-jane flats.
  10. I'm totally useless with 0 advice and ballet experience, but HAVE FUN!!!
  11. Excellent suggestion.

    Here (not in NYC) it's a little more dressy. I might suggest dropping your coat for a beautiful shawl to complete the day to night look. :heart:
  12. I've been to several NYC ballets and I'd say to just go with business casual or typical "going out" clothes. It wasn't super dressy -- so don't go with a cocktail dress or formal or anything. But, at the same time, you can defintely do something festive without looking out of place...
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, all! The ballet was wonderful and I felt completely comfortable sticking with my basic business casual for the night - black pants, black sweater, black heels. There was definitely a range of attire. Many tourists in town getting dressed up for the big city. I didn't mind at all looking like one of the many who rushed over after work (bag full of files and all - *sigh* nothing to be done about that part, but at least I wasn't the only one).

    Thanks again.