What to Wear to Make Arms Look Thinner?

  1. I'm starting to get those grandma arms! I can't wear long sleeves all summer. Almost all of my short sleeves are flutter sleeves, but I want to wear tanks and sleeveless... any advice? TIA!
  2. not that these are really around anymore but i find that muscle tanks are the worst for larger arms. im not sure if thats the right term but theyre the tank tops that just look like the sleeves have been snipped off.
  3. ^^^ Great suggestions, Sammy and Tomato4....I was just about to post the same exact tips! I've found that any kind of sleeveless shirt that goes right to the tip of my shoulders makes my upper arms look like a dude's. And small armholes on sleeveless tops squeeze my fleshy upper arms and totally call attention to them. Yuck!

    I've found success with short-sleeved puff sleeve cotton tops...the "puff" part is very forgiving and hides the chubbiest part of my arms, and the band that grips me lower on the arm gives the illusion of slenderness.

    Also, dark colors. Any time I wear white or pastels, my arms automatically look bigger.

    Also try short-sleeved batwing or dolman tops. Upper arms are completely hidden in these! :smile:

    Lastly, I've found that sleeveless tops that show *more shoulder* give the illusion of smaller arms, so halter tops and U-neck tops are a great option. HTH! :smile:

    A thick-armed gal
  4. hmmm...not sure what to wear to make your arms look thinner, but for me, I avoid capsleeves, because they make my arms look way bigger.
  5. ^yes.

    i hate capsleeves in general

    dark colours are always slimming so its best if you wear a 3/4 to 1/2 sleeve top and the top should be close fitting but not squeezing the fat out of you
  6. I have bigger upper arms and I like to wear little super light cotton coverup that comes to my elbow... its light enough to wear in the summer and will still show off cute sleeveless shirts.. where to find one though I have no clue haha I only have 1 and have been looking for more.
  7. yes i came back to add capsleeves but someone already did. ugh. i hate capsleeves.
  8. Wow, thanks for all of the suggestions! I'm so glad I asked, because I was thinking the opposite of what is being advised. I thought I should be looking for tops that have a cap sleeve or cover part of the shoulder. I guess I thought more coverage would make my arms look slimmer, but from what everyone has posted I realize now that is wrong. I've been terrified of halters because I figured that showing my whole arm would make it look bigger. Ahh, I really need to remember the "illusion factor." Thanks so much everyone! I'm off to let my fingers do the shopping for some new summer tops!
  9. I would say that halters definitely look better than capsleeves! Everyone else has given really good advice so far.

    I also think thin-strapped tank tops also look better than thicker-strapped styles (like Old Navy's Perfect Tanks). I think this is because the thicker straps add bulk and make your arms look manly. Like SammyDoll said, find tops that are cut a little lower on the arm openings so that they're not too tight :smile:

    The material of the tank top is very important too, IMO. Don't go for tight rib-knits because they are very unforgiving. Longer tank tops are preferable over one that is too short... Try and find one that's at least hip length or longer, it elongates you! Focus on darker colors but don't be afraid to layer tank tops. Last summer one of my favorite looks was to layer a black tank over a white tank top and pair it with either cropped jeans or a skirt. The focus is not at all on your arms but on you and your nicely contrasted outfit.
  10. DEFINITELY capsleeves should be avoided! Some tops or dresses with ruffles on the shoulder, you have to think about when you try it on, if the ruffles are short, it makes your arm look bigger :/