What to wear to Japan, and what to buy there?

  1. I am leaving for Japan in 3 weeks. I am going for school. We will be in Chiba and Tokyo and i have never been to Japan before. I am looking for advise on what to pack, and also are there any hot japanese clothing designers to look for. I am a clothing addict and have no idea what i will find there. please help!!!
  2. Japan is the city of eclectism. You can wear lots of eccentric stuff like Vivienne Westwood, Issey Miyake and Stella McCartney.
    Layering is great in Japan as girls love pairing cardis over rock 'n' roll tees, wearing them with a miniskirt, leggings and flats.
    Of course, ankle boots, the balenciaga-esque boots are also great for the Japan scene.
    I love Issey Miyake's designs-all very loud, except that I don't dare to wear his designs..only his accessories. =)
    Oh yes, you should pop into Samantha Thavasa and get VB's bags!
  3. Hi! I've been to Tokyo twice & I had a great time. I suggest you bring jeans, sneakers, a jacket or hoody & something for late night clubbing or simply for casual dinner.

    You must visit the "Evisu" boutique in Shibuya-Ku. Here's the address:

    JINGUMAE 6-11-1
    TEL: (03)3406-1992

    HIROU 5-8-12
    TEL: (03)3440-1992

    I bought 2 pairs of jeans on my last trip & you can customized your own. I love their Evisu Donna line of clothings.

    Check out this link about where to shop in Tokyo:

    Shopping in Tokyo - Travel Japan

    Hope it helps,

  4. I think you should look for limited edition products from luxury brands. Many brands such as LV tend to release special products that sell exclusively in Japan.
  5. thank you. Im so excited. I hope i am able to find some of these places
  6. I hv been to Japan many times and I think LV over there is more expensive, but Agnes b in japan is really cheap and u shd also buy a burberry blue label bag, which is exclusive in japan, like the japanese burberry line. the exclusive Vivienne Westwood japanese line is quite nice too.

    Have fun!!
  7. the LV sophie is exclusive to japan and hawaii, you should try to pick one up, it's realy cute. there are tons of pics in the LV forum
  8. I'm from Hong Kong which so close to Japan. A lot of hip fashions there. Undercover, B-Ape, oh..Anna Sui and Marc Jacob accessories must buy cos they are not available here.

  9. I totally agree!

    There are a lot of underground avant garde Japanese designers like Jun Takahashi for Undercover (though he's captured the popular press's attention so not as underground as he used to be). You can also buy from his main line or get something designed just for you.
  10. You should totally hit up a Samantha Thavasa store! I also agree with the rest of them and get some exclusive items not here in the states!

    H. Naoto makes some pretty killer clothes! I have a kitty jacket by him and I LOVE it ^___^

    Have a great vacation! Post pics of your goodies when you come back!
  11. Don't bring to many clothes, but bring big luggage and shop shop shop! :nuts: Tokyo is shopping heaven.
  12. If it's anything like when I went to Tokyo this past November, you'll see lots of girls wearing super short mini skirts and tall boots, even when temperatures are freezing! I was amazed because I was bundled up in a coat and jeans yet somehow the Japanese girls could still wear next to nothing and look great in the pouring rain.

    Right off the Shibuya station exit there's a tall mall called Shibuya 109 which is just shop after shop of trendy Japanese boutiques. You'll know where it is by following the swarm of young hip 20 year old Japanese girls going in and out....
  13. Asian gals in Asia usually are quite petite, so you might want to bring extra pair of jeans if you're size 8 or up. I'd go for the accessories, so many unique stuff!
  14. COMME des GARÇONS!!! :yes:
  15. I went to Japan earlier this year..They have a bunch of beauty and skincare products there that are great and not available in North America