what to wear to Friday night wedding?

  1. my sister & fiance are having a small (only 20 ppl) wedding ceremony & dinner on a friday night (2 weeks from now) any suggestions on what i should wear? here are a few dresses i have been eyeing (are they too casual?)
    gp498452-00qlv01.jpg gp502763-00qlv01.jpg gp502765-00qlv01.jpg
  2. no help ladies?
  3. What kind of place are you going for dinner and what is the ceremony going to be like (church etc)?

    Without more details I can't tell if it's too casual. I would say for a wedding they're all too casual though.
  4. without any other info, i would say #3 works best
  5. ok, the ceremony & dinner are being held at a local resturant where they have a seperate room for weddings. it's very low key, only immediate family. ceremony at 6:30, dinner right after. i believe it is going to be very casual, but i guess i will have to ask her.
  6. 2 or 3 depending on how warm or cold it is where you live.
  7. i like 2, with heels, a fab bag and pearls.
  8. Thanks for the help ladies!!!! i think i'm gonna go with the 2nd dress.
  9. I vote for #3, I think its perfect for a small wedding
  10. I like 2 and 3...