What to wear to different interviews?

  1. I have an interview this friday with Gadzooks (owned by Forever 21) and an interview with Victoria's Secret next Tuesday.

    I was thinking that I should wear black slacks with patent leather ballet flats and a pink button down shirt to the VS interview.

    But I have no idea what to wear for the Gadzooks interview! I'm used to dressing up for stuff but Gadzooks isn't exactly a 'dressy' place. Their clothes are cheap and fun. I want to look professional but I also want to fit in.

    Both of the positions I'm interviewing are for Sales Associates. TIA!
  2. Black slacks, button down fitted shirt, trendy black suit jacket, smart black shoes with a slight heal. Ballet flats are too casual for an interview in either case. Gadzooks is not a store that sells dressy things, but they will be gaging how serious you are about working there based on your attire, and the effect of a suit without actually being a suit will show them you are serious and understand the clientelle. Make it professional, make it black (black is more important for Gadzooks as they cater to a "club crowd" and that is the universally accepted clubbing color for punks, goths, rockers, emos, etc.). Add a colored shirt and some flare. (bright color shirt under the black jacket, silver or gold trendy necklace and earrings.)