What to wear to BBQ...city, hobo or work?

  1. I'm going to a park BBQ and can't decide what to carry? Should I carry a city(black or grey), work(anthra) or hobo(chocolate)?

    What am I wearing? I'm thinking about wearing a black jersey dress or cargo capri with black tank top- any suggestions?
  2. I think hobo... more convenient... have fun at the BBQ!
  3. I'd wear a hobo.

    When I go to things like that I always bring my black 05 day. Its nice to have a slouchy hobo style shoulder bag so you have 2 hands free to do whatever and its more casual too.
  4. i think it would be more convenient and comfortable carrying the hobo. i might be running around with my my friend's kids too so its better to have my hands free.
  5. Yikes! I'd be so scared to bring my bbags to a BBQ! I'd bring a day or a hobo, but be careful!!
  6. i'll pick hobo
  7. BBQ & Balenciaga - the two don't seem to go together. :sweatdrop:I would take a vintage Prada black nylon bag.
  8. Hobo - you'll need both hands for drinks and food
  9. Definitely hobo to suit the relax atmosphere :tup:
  10. Another vote for the hobo!
  11. I would wear the hobo for the picnic, however, I think a different outfit may work better. Instead of wearing all black, do you have maybe a cream top to go with the chocolate?
  12. I decided to wear the hobo which turned out fine because once I got to the BBQ, I set my bag down and didn't go back to it until the end of the BBQ. I had a ton of fun playing with my friends children that I never got the chance to tote my hobo around :smile:.
  13. Hobo definitely! Don't want to get meat juice on your bag.

    Alternatively, you can wear your City by the shoulder strap.
  14. Another vote for hobo
  15. Hobo! I love the hobos!