what to wear to bars?

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  1. What do you ladies wear to bars at night? nice clothes? it just seems that so many people are drunk and careless out at night. I went to a bar last night straight from work and had a freshly lit cigarette carelessly ashed on the skirt of my rather new $800 St. John off white suit and the skirt is now ruined. any similar stories?
  2. Usually jeans, comfy heels, and either a very casual oversized black Michael Stars/Vince top or if i feel like dressing up some kind of cute silk top. Sometimes a short skirt. Almost always my Balenciaga First.
  3. i always get really dressed up for nights out at bars and clubs, and i always buy something new!
    me and eskimo*gem went out on monday night to a few bars and a club, and we both got really dressed up. I would never wear jeans for a night out. in the area where we live everyone gets dressed up, you'd look out of place if you were dressed down.
  4. i live in a college town and go to one of America's top 10 party schools (according to Playboy), so let me share my bar-hopping expertise...

    stores like Forever 21 are great for bar clothing. the clothes are cheap and poor quality, but you can find some things there occassionally that are REALLY cute and trendy and don't look nearly as cheap as they are. if you encounter cigarette ash, spilled alcohol, vomit, etc., it doesn't really matter, because the clothes are pretty much disposable anyway. no one will ever know where they came from if you choose wisely, and you don't have to worry about ruining your good clothes. i have a lot of jersey dresses and empire-waist tops from Forever 21 that are my night-out staples. get them in solid colors and they won't look to young, then pair them with cute accessories and you're golden. i never wear heels, because the bar scene here requires a lot of walking and the sidewalks are torn to pieces - heels would be a BAD idea.

    i'd also never take a nice handbag to a bar - i have a collection of clutches that cost less than $100 that i rotate depending on color and style.
  5. I love wearing cute tops and jeans with heels..either open toe heels or if its a classy bar I wear my pointy BCBG black heels.
  6. For me it all depends on what kind of bar I'm going to. Is it more of a upscale lounge type bar or club kind of bar (which I don't do much of anymore).

    For the upscale lounge type I'll wear something nicer (pricewise) like a pair wide leg jeans and a nice corset top and heeled sandles/pointy closed toe stilletos or something of the sort. KWIM?

    If its the club type, I'm all about Forever 21 b/c like it or not, something IS likely to get spilled on you. I once wore a cream color cami with a lace overlay that I JUST bought that day to a club and sure enough, someone accidently dumped red wine all down the front. :cursing: Intoxicated friends in tow, not to be found, I'm roaming the club with a huge red wine stain down my front. Arg!
  7. My go to outfit is dark jeans(currently joe's honey), a wife beater in a bright color and a pair of heels(currentl a gold heel with a platform). I also generally carry a purse large enough to hold flip flops. I also have a lot of cute tops from F21 and the like for the same reasons as everyone else- if they get ruined, whatever.
  8. I don't neccessarily dress up, it depends on the occasion, but I do dress more over the top or outrageous or whatever you'd like to call it, so definetly something special. Always with a Loius though.
  9. The smart thing is to not wear anything you don't want to ruin....
  10. i've had a great eyelet ella moss mini dress that got destroyed when i wore it out. i learned to keep my "going out" clothes to anything low maintenence and machine washable. I also avoid wearing my designer shoes out to bars/clubs...the floor's always so gross!
  11. I'm pretty casual most of the time- a great pair of jeans, a cute top, heels or flats, depending on where I'm going, and jewelry or a headband to acessorize.
  12. i usually go to more upscale lounge type bars than dance bars, so i tend to wear jeans with heels or tall boots (depending on the season) and a cute top, lots of ella moss. lately i've been wearing jersey dresses out too, mostly ella moss as well. i like bold jewellery when i go out too, kenneth jay lane makes great bold peices.
  13. tee/tank, jeans, comfy shoes for dancing
  14. I usually wear a cute pair of jeans with a tank and heels. then a hoodie or really cute shrug. last thing is a cute purse.
  15. What do you ladies wear when heading out to clubs or bars? I was recently out out at a crowded club and ended up having a new dress spilled al over. I know that you must expect a little excessive behaivor at these types of places but I ended up with several dark stains all over a brand new Cavalli dress, it did cost $1100. Do you avoid nice clothes alltogether, I mean this dress did look hot, untill it was ruined by spilled drinks