What to wear to baby shower?

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  1. I've NEVER been to one! LOL! Anyways, its Sunday at 2pm and I really want to wear my Manolos either:

    And dark wash jeans, some sort of top depending on the weather, probably black and maybe a clutch. Actually I might need a new clutch.....

  2. I usually wear a skirt or dress to a baby shower. I'm a professional attender as my friends are popping out babies left and right!

    Super cute shoes by the way:smile:
  3. i would go with something feminine and spring colored.
  4. I agree with the above, I would wear something lighter colored. Most the girls that came to my baby shower wore jeans and some sort of flowy top.Very cute shoes by the way!!
  5. ITA! Though for me any occasion is a reason to wear a skirt or dress. But, if you really want to wear jeans, get a killer top and wear those purple Manolos -- they're "hawt!" And yes, you need a new clutch - lol.