What to wear to an outdoor concert?

  1. I was thinking going kind of boho-ish - jean lowrise distressed capris, sleeveless black empire lowcut top w/slight beading, and either flip flops or ballet flats (probably ballet flats are smarter as I wouldn't want my foot crushed lol :nuts: ). It's supposed to be in the 80s and humid...yay :yahoo: Sound ok or should I do something else? I was going to try shorts but not sure how comfortable I'll be in shorts all day...
  2. that sounds good to me! :smile:
  3. Sounds cute! Enjoy!
  4. i vote for darker pants... i like to sit somewhere when i get tired. actually that depends on the, is it a rock concert or soft music concert? and is it at a garden or somewhere else?
    i also pick shoes than sandals. maybe high tops sneakers?
  5. that sounds really cute already, but just in case if you wanted more options:

    the top - droopy backless top w/ a bikini underneath or a very low cut front halter w/ a bikini underneath.


    cargo knee shorts (chip and pepper screaming beaver shorts are the bomb - OR da nang is pretty good too)

    OR i'd do one of those tube dresses (where the top is ruched and the bottom just flares out)... like this, not necessarily w/ the same color and a nice beaded dangling necklace.. those dresses are soo comfy too

    I love outdoor concerts, have fun!!!
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