What to wear to an interview?

  1. I have an interview at a pet supply store tomorrow. (They sell pet supplies but they also sell puppies, birds and fish.)

    Normally, the answer to "what do I wear?" is obvious. The thing is, in this store the dress code is jeans and a t-shirt.

    Should I go in interview attire, or jeans and a nice t-shirt?
  2. Even for a casual store, I would go in with a more dressed up approach, to show you put in some effort into seeing them. Since this is a pet store, a full suit would be too much, but I think a nice fitted dress shirt with black dress pants would be a good combo.

    Good luck with the interview! :smile:
  3. I agree with cupcake_flake. Nice pants and a dress shirt will do just fine. Maybe a nice pair of flats -- heels would be too dressy. Good luck!
  4. ^^ITA. Good luck!
  5. Thanks, everyone!
  6. I would wear nice slacks and a pretty sweater. And no sneakers. :smile: Good luck!!!
  7. How'd it go?
  8. When I went to an interview at a fast food restaurante, I wore a pants-suit, and shiny semi-combat boots as to not be too dressy.
  9. khakis and polo good luck

    ie casual but polished
  10. What did you end up wearing? How was the interview? I hope you got the job!! Let us know.:wondering
  11. I hope you aced that interview! Good luck.