What to wear to an event...

  1. If an event invitation reads...

    Festive Cocktail Attire (Black Tie Optional)

    ...what would you wear?
  2. A dress for sure. Probably a cute metallic or red. You really could get away with a lot of things. If black tie is optional then I would definitely find something pretty dressy.
  3. You can go with both floor length and cocktail dresses.
  4. i dont think you could go wrong with a plain black dress and some really nice jewellery. its a safe option but it can either look dressed up or slightly dressed down so whatever people are wearing you wont look out of place
  5. cocktail dress.
  6. cocktail attire..
    this means a short dress.
    Pull out that fabulous short dress, your killer high heels,your funkier jewelery.Big cocktail rings are made for this dress code

    some tricky variations :black tie optional,informal, semi-formal{all mean practically same thing}.
  7. Thank you! My MIL is insisting that I wear a floor-length gown, but I think that a short dress would be best.
  8. Both would work great. Dillard's has the cuttest for both options!
  9. I would wear a short cocktail dress with beading or sequins. Something sparkly...
  10. I bought this one in November and have been wearing it to every "festive" party. I found it at Mint in West Hollywood and then bought it online--it's by Jovani, and is basically a homecoming/prom dress.
  11. fritz, that dress is beautiful!

    Thank you all for your suggestions! Since my MIL wanted me wear something long, I found a low-key but floor-length dress on sale at BCBG today.
  12. Thanks. :smile: I had to go to this event called "Movies Rock" for my work--and lo and behold, Carrie Underwood had it on too...and she was presenting. People kept saying "Do you know Carrie Underwood is wearing your dress?" Ugggh. Made me feel good to know a stylist had picked it out, though. ;)

    Good call on the BCBG dress. I'm on the hunt for another fancy cocktail dress for awards season. I'm afraid this one would scream "I am not getting enough attention..." That's fine for "festive" but black tie, not so much.