what to wear to a september wedding?

  1. i'm going to a wedding in mid september... the ceremony will start at around 6 pm and i believe it's going to be indoors. i have no idea what's appropriate to wear... can you girls help with recommendations and examples please! i'm 25 so hopefully something young and fun and nothing too mature. i live in california so i'm thinking it'll still be pretty warm at that time. are dresses above the knees okay? TIA!
  2. California is pretty lax when it comes to wedding guest attire. Pretty much - if it's a dress and it isn't white - you'll be fine. Above the knee is perfectly okay as long as it isn't slutty. If you go to Nordstrom.com and look up cocktail dresses in their Dress Shop, you'll see plenty of acceptable choices. Have fun!
  3. thanks so much for your help!
  4. what do you girls think of this dress?



    Is this okay? I found it on Nordstrom's website. I'd like it much more if it were in black, but I think this color is not so bad. I think the dress would look better if it were a little bit shorter so I'd probably have it taken in a bit. What color shoes would you girls recommend with this?
  5. I think it's super cute..and I loooooove that color!
  6. I like it. You are right, better in black though.
  7. I love the color. I'm also going to a wedding mid september and i'm wondering the same thing. I think silver shoes and a silver clutch would look really good with that color
  8. I think it's too bright for a wedding ... better to do a muted color.

    But that is a gorgeous color!
  9. Yes it would be great in black!
  10. that dress is beautiful! love the color - go for something fun! i think black peep toes would be nice with a couple of black bangles and a cute clutch. silver could also work but it is sometimes hard to find.
  11. i agree, it is cute but the blue would be too bright for a wedding IMO, can you get it in black?

  12. i spoke to a customer representative from Nordstrom and she said that it does come in black, however, she was unable to locate it in any of the Nordstrom stores and the system does not show that it would become available online. :sad:
  13. I love that dress and the color!!! I think it would be fine for a wedding. Some people, like my mother, think its bad luck to wear black to a weddding, but I think most people are OK with black.

    For weddings I also like adding a jacket, maybe a bolero jacket over the dress. That way you can be more conservative during the ceremony and more fun during the party. Of course sometimes a jacket over a dress just doesn't work, you have to have the right combination.