What to wear to a movie premier (red carpet)?

  1. Any ideas/suggestions ladies? :confused1:

    I'm thinking jeans and a tank maybe a little to casual and I'm drawing blanks on what to wear. Help, I don't want to look like an idiot :sweatdrop: .
  2. I say go all black...maybe some really wide-leg cuffed pants, with a vest (like in a man's suit)...high heels, and fabulous jewelry.
  3. I say you wear blue jeans, a sexy black dress top, hair swept away from your face, and gorgeous diamond earrings. Also, black pumps and a GREAT handbag!!!

    Do you wear make-up?
  4. Shoes as high as you can comfortably wear. It will look great with tight jeans.
  5. I agree with Anne, go all black. Its always chic, go with wide leg pants or skinny pants and a nice top you can go for the white button down or a slinky top or a blazer. Don't forget stilettos.
  6. :yes: This outfit sounds good!
  7. Tuxedo pants and jacket with nothing underneath, diamond studs and a great bag and shoes.
  8. BTW, what movie premier??
  9. :yes:

    if it were me (dreaming) , i would stay simple with clothes (black fabulous shoes, denim, a simple top with one eye catching detail) and amazing jewelry. maybe a dress...but it would have to "speak" to me, you know?

    are you in a position to borrow jewlery? b/c jewels will dress up the drabbest outfit. :yes:
  10. Ladies, thank you so much for your input...it's definitely sparked some great ideas:flowers:.

    I was totally shopping for this outfit tonight. I tried on a couple vest and thought I'd couple it with some real cute black, tuxedo type slacks and a hot pair of earings. Didn't end up buying the vest's although, now I'm thinking I should've bought one.

    Envyme...My boyfriend advised that I shouldn't wear any denim but the sexy black dress also sounds like a fab idea. It's probably one item I should already have in my closet but I don't. Definitely pulling my hair back in a pony tail and doing something with my bangs. I don't wear make-up and don't own any so I may have pick-up some eye shadow and lip gloss - something very simple and light. As for my handbag, I really want to use my blue india balenciaga but I know with what I have in mind it's not going to work. Probably going to try and find a simple black clutch.

    Lizlikeshugs...I'm planning on wearing my marc jacobs black patent pumps. Want to keep it sweet and simple ;). I think the heel is almost 4 inches. Not exactly my most comfortable pump but my fav. It's for the Tenacious D movie with Jack Black. It's about his band.

    Minnie...Definitely going with some black slacks, that is unless I can find a nice, simple black dress at the mall tomorrow. Like people say, you can't go wrong with black!

    Nymph...ditto :yes:

    Shyloo...Great minds think alike! I was thinking about a pair of tuxedo pants from Banana Republic, but I would've never thought to wear just a blazer and nothing underneath! Very risky, but I like! If I can find something that works, this would definitely be a fun outfit to rock.

    Ilzabet...Keeping it simple, for sure! I'm not in a position to borrow any jewelry, but I've got a pair of earings in mind. They are these bronze dangly one's. They will be the only piece of jewelry I think I'm going to wear.

    Obviously my outfit is still very much in the air. I sort of have one already picked out in case I can't find anything at the mall tomorrow. I hate shopping on such short notice, because if I planned it out right, I really could've taken more time and had fun putting an outfit together. Either way, it's fun, just this time around it's a lil' rushed :upsidedown:.

    BTW, the premier is tomorrow night...my first and probably not my last! :yahoo:
  11. if you want to for the sexy tux look, look at victoria beckham's take during fashion week. she wore a great tight fitting suit with a super great pair of red pointy toe shoes. For make-up, always remember that you MUST be totally flawless. Make sure that you're positively glowing from the inside, use a good concealer, foundation, blush (add on sensibly and not go OTT), and a great red lip...with loads of gloss. just make sure that it doesn't bleed.
  12. Flawless makeup, but you can wear more of it because of the lights.

    I wouldn't go with all black ... just my opinion. Wear a bright, bold color.

    Jack Black is in-your-face loud and appeals to a younger crowd. Be more experimental ... default to "trendy" if you don't have ideas. All black will seem too staid. (Of course, right now trendiness loves black ... punch it up with a red shoe or patent red clutch and/or gold hardware.)

    Is this is premiere in a major city? If not, it may not be as pappazazzi-filled as you are expecting.... In that case, you can tone it down (and I'm sure lots of people will be wearing all black).

    I always love a sexy tux ... but this is a "younger" movie....

    Of course, what you wear should depend on your age too.
  13. i would go for a simple but sexy and comfortable one piece dress like DFV's vintage line. and one piece of great necklace or earrings.
    and of course a great clutch.
  14. Don't forget to let us know what you chose and please take pics!!
  15. ^Aw thanks for asking! I ended us wearing a cute blouse from Anthropologie, black slacks and my Marc Jacob patent pumps. For my handbag I carried my black balenciaga city. As for accessories, I wore a black watch/bracelete with bronze dangly earlings. For makeup I just put on some bronze eye shadow and black eyeliner and light lip glass. I really wanted to wear my hair up, but my hair wasn't cooperating so I just left it down.

    All in all, the premier was fun and the movie was very entertaining and well done.