What to wear to a job interview

  1. I've never had a job before and I have an interview with H&M next week. What should I wear?! I know what someone would wear to interview for a conservative office job but this is H&M. I think it's important to be fashionable. Do you think it'd be okay if I wore a knee length Betsey Johnson dress with high heel pumps? Or would showing off legs be inappropriate? Also, any advice or pointers would be appreciated. I really need this job. Thanks. :biggrin:
  2. Hi,
    Are you interviewing at H&M for a retail position or in their main office? Depending on the job will determine the advice you should be getting...
  3. I'm interviewing for retail and I assume it's going to be competitive since the job opening has been advertised in their stores.
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  5. EVERY interview I've gone to (Nursing assistant, retail, Wells Fargo Corporate Offices) I've always worn black dress pants, black shoes, and some sort of "dressy" top. Usually some sort of button up. It's simple and not over the top, yet you can show that you have the ability to dress nicely, even if it's not required at the job (My current job at WF I can wear anything I want... I wore jeans and a hoodie today!)
  6. Wear a piece of clothing from H&M. Nothing says you're in love with their brand than showing them that you do. I once got an job offer from Kenneth Cole partly because I was wearing their heels.
  7. Katie- what kind of postion that allows you to wear comfortable clothing? I hate have to be very businessy everyday that it makes me look 10 years older!
  8. I've never applied for a retail position, but if I did I would be careful how much leg/skin I'm showing! I think the guidelines tell you to see how the managers of the position you're applying for dress and dress as nice or better. I think a pair of black pants paired with an h&m top & accessories would be appropriate...
  9. I work in one of the 10 Call Center Corporate Offices for Wells Fargo. Everyone there dresses completely casual because we have no face-to-face contact with customers. It's great! Excellent pay, GREAT benefits (for those who need them), and tuition reimbursement. I'm sure almost any "call center" environment is very similar to WF's being that customers don't actually see you.
  10. ^I totally agree w/ your advice. I also have never worked retail... but I think that if you do wear a dress/skirt make sure it's not too short, nor too tight.... this advice is also applies to pants and tops.... crap, I sound like my father who always said "You can wear whatever you want, as long as it's not too tight or too short"! LOL :lol:

    Best of luck to you... just go in w/ a positive, outgoing attitude and your winning smile and you'll do great! :biggrin:

    PS. and don't forget to "practice" in your head or w/ friends your answers to possible interview questions. The more prepared you are, the more comfortable and secure you will feel.
  11. ^ oh, and I think a BJ dress would be fine as long as it doesn't show too much leg or chest. Also, make sure your heels aren't too sexy or over the top. You want them to focus on YOU and not a sexy or outrageous outfit. IMO. :smile:
  12. If you're applying for H&M retail, why don't you go and check out what the SAs there wear? Then dress up from that, with perhaps ONE H&M piece. Anything more would be IMHO over the top and probably seen as "tries too hard".

    In re: the dress, unless you're planning to wear it with a jacket or it is black, then no. Less is more with job interviews.
  13. I think you should wear a fun skirt (maybe from H&M?) with a classic white shirt and throw on some nice accessories :biggrin: