What to wear to a business dinner?

  1. I don't want to look like I get there straight from work; but I don't want to look too casual nor overdressed. Any suggestions? Pics please as well!
  2. What kind of restaurant will you be attending?
  3. Also depends on what industry! Which are you in?
  4. I'd stick with a suit but maybe you could put a pretty camisole under it and wear a great bag & heels and maybe a fun piece of jewelry.
  5. It'll be more like a function with lots of business people attending and my company will be at our own tables and also allows for mingling with others before and after dinner.
    I just don't want to look too boring..
  6. I think it depends a bit on your industry...

    If your industry normally wears suits, i.e. corporate, attorneys, I'd recommend going with a suit and wearing maybe something girly, feminine underneath to spice it up a little.

    If your industry is more business casual, then go with business casual, but maybe add a bit of color.

    If you've got a creative industry, i.e. graphic design, arts, then I think you've got more leeway to go with more color, style, flair...
  7. A wrap around dress with a smart but feminine blazer on top, 3 inch high heels (not stiletto or kitten).

    Do "Day time" makeup = good foundation, light blush, light eyeshadow colour and clear glossy lips, no strong colours at all.

    Put your hair up at the start of the event and take it down later if you think the event is more casual.