What to wear to a baby shower

  1. Ok, I'm going to a baby shower this weekend and I need advice about what to wear...
    These are the details that I know
    -The weather forecast is 88 and sunny, but the shower will be indoors.
    -It is being hosted at a community church.
    -The baby is a girl.
    -The shower is co-ed.
    I think the shower will be pretty informal, because the couple is very young, but I'm not sure.

    What do you think I should wear? I'm thinking either a) black bermuda shorts, cute wedge sandals and a babydoll top or b) jeans, babydoll top, heels. Opinions please. TIA :heart:
  2. I'm trying to visualize your outfits in my head, and I like option b better. baby showers are pretty casual, I don't think there are any major "rules" you have to follow.
  3. They both sound good
  4. I like option b better.
  5. gosh, I hope everyone at least wears a bathing suit!

    ha ha. couldn't resist.

    I would wear a casual sundress whether permitting. I don't think you should have to dress too formally for that.
  6. Is it the same babydoll top in both scenarios? If your bermuda shorts are fitted, I think I would opt for a. The baby showers that I have attended have not been that casual that people are wearing jeans. I think that fitted bermuda shorts are a nice option for being less formal than a dress but more formal than jeans b/c they are black.
  7. I like option A.
  8. I don't think I've ever been to a shower in which people are wearing jeans. Option A sounds better. I wore a sundress to one last month. It sounds like it will be warm enough for you to do that.
  9. I went to one last weekend and wore some black Bebe pants, a Velvet T-shirt, and some Kors wedge sandals. So I wasn't in jeans but not formal dress either. Actually some people were dressed nicer, but most people just were sort of like what you'd wear as casual office wear. I'd try to wear something besides shorts or jeans probably.
  10. I have been to so many baby showers - someone always shows up in jeans & always stands out because of that. If it were in someone's backyard or house as a small informal thing then jeans may be OK. The most informal thing I ever wore to a shower hosted outside a home was pants - and dressier ones. With it being hot I'd opt for a sundress or a skirt but that's just my opinion. Young doesn't necessarily mean super casual IMO - I consider jeans super casual.
  11. Out of your choices, I'd pick the bermuda shorts. But I personally would wear a demure sundress and or a skirt and tanktop combo.