What to wear to a 3:30PM wedding?


Aug 21, 2006
I need some help....we have a wedding to go to tomorrow afternoon that is at 3:30. I have NO clue of what to wear...I've got dresses I wore to weddings this year, but they were all either in the Spring, Summer or early Fall.

Any suggestions???? I have to go shopping today.:shrugs:
I would assume it's an indoor function, which shouldn't be like 30 degrees.

If I were you, I would just use my early fall dress and wrap a shawl around me. I just can't do shopping at the last second...
McMug's advice is good.

Just wear something appropriate for a very nice restaurant you would be patronizing with your very conservative elderly auntie.

But wear shoes for dancing!
You would still dress nice unless it says it is not formal. Black skirt around the house anywhere?? Silk top?? I have a great silk wrap top and black skirt that I keep throwing on. Or a black dress with a shawl etc.
i have an afternoon wedding tomorrow, too. and i'm just wearing a simple dress that's beige with black overlay (so it actually looks gold) with a black shawl and some cute heels. simple, but cute.
I also have a wedding tomorrow and we have a foot of snow on the ground! I'm wearing a black knee lenght strapless dress-very plain- with a fitted cap sleeve white shirt under it, with black tights and knee high black boots. Looks good for a last min outfit and not going shopping....good luck !!
Agreed with sonya, unless you want to go for the monochromatic look (i.e. black and white, very mod). Accessorize with elbow high gloves, a shrug/bolero, white patent heels (if wearing a black+white dress). You want to look better than everyone else, but you don't want to outshine the bride!! And keep hair and make up simple and glowy..