What to wear red shoes with?

  1. I just ordered a pair of red shoes from Zappos:yahoo:, simply because I found them very pretty and I've never in all my born days owned a pair of red shoes:girlsigh:. Yes, I am the epitome of impulse shopping :yes:.

    I don't own a lot of colored shoes, as you can see here. I was just wondering, aside from a black dress, what else can you wear red shoes with :shrugs:? I only have one red sweater, and I can't wear red shoes with that because it'll be overkill.

    For the ladies who have red shoes, what do/can you wear them with?

    P/S: I won't post a picture of the shoes now. You'll just have to wait and see for yourselves when they arrive :graucho:.
  2. I'm dying to see the red shoes!!

    Anyways, I think red is SO easy too wear. Jeans, black, cream, grey looks great with red shoes!
  3. :yes: and may i add also white and light baby pink! sounds horrible looks fabulous believe me
  4. I love red and black together. White works well too. I asked the same thing when I bought my red shoes.
  5. I love red! They'd look great with an all black outfit, or all white. Or a denim outfit. Any patterned outfit with a little red in it...would look fantastic with anything grey!
  6. ^ i agree with marly, i think red shoes look fantastic with grey! patent red especially
  7. Anything that's solid like black, white, grey, or navy. Even brown!
  8. i wear my red pumps with dark jeans, black top.... dark top, grey top, white top,:yahoo: i know you can spice it up sandra! :yes: :love: but dont match it with red top nor a sweater, it would be too :yucky: .....IMO
  9. I love red shoes!! I've got tons of them!! You can pretty much wear them with any color except green. Goes back to the red handbag dilemma. Unless you do a deep, hunter green you can end up looking like you are going to a Christmas party! :shame:

    If you're the type that simply must have some of their shoe color in their outfit, any pattern with just a touch of red in it works great! You can even do a neutral outfit, add a scarf or other accessory with a touch of red and then let your red shoes POP. Very sexy look. :cutesy:
  10. I think red shoes are absolutely beautiful. Check out the thread on celebrities in Louboutins. Christina Aguilerra looks fantastic with her red shoes and her jeans.
  11. thanks for all your input :biggrin:!

    and just to let you know, my red shoes are NOT any of the 4 P's: patent leather, peeptoes, pumps or platform heels :P. they're more like dressy sandals, like most of the shoes i have.
  12. Pink! Like Lilach said, pink and red (cool red only) look SO good together!
  13. red is a neutral and can be worn with anything! i can't wait to see them! btw, nice shoe collection! :smile: love the maryjane manolos!
  14. they're already in my collection :yes:! they arrived a week or so ago.

  15. Jeans, skirts, dresses... hehe

    Red is a great color to have on shoes ;)