what to wear over holidays

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  1. whats is every one wearing thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays
  2. We don't have Thanksgiving...but we have Sinterklaas and Christmas.
    Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) is sort of Santa, and is more for children..but most adults also celebrate it. ( 5 dec.) And after that we have my favorite of all CHRISTMAS!! I really get hyper around this season. It's the most wonderfull time of the year!
    And I began to plan in the beginning of november...:yahoo:

    5 dec I'll be wearing brown pants, with brown sneakers, a brown tunic with a pink tank top. I'm a teacher It's gonna be a busy day for the children I have to wear comfy clothes.
    Than we'll have christmas dinner (20 dec) with the children. I'll be wearing a limegreen tunic with silver glitter and white pants, with white high heels.
    For the first christmas day (25 dec) I'll be wearing a purple/grey dress and the second day of christmas (26dec) I'll be with my BF, we're going out for dinner and my outfit for that day will be a turqoise/green tunic with black pants and high heels. And the next day we'll be leaving for Paris.
    Can you tell I'm excited??:nuts:
  3. I am loving the turtleneck under a jumper dress. I have a really great muted fushia bubble-hem jumper that I'll wear with a black turtleneck and opaque black tights... I like that it's bright and festive but not too Christmas-y.

    Not sure what plans for New Year's Eve are brewing, so I'll have to wait on that outfit!
  4. ^^^That is a cute look! I like the skinny pants thing so skinny velvet pants with cute empire waist tops, and a few pretty DVF dresses will be good enough for me!
  5. I think pants or jeans and a nice cashmere sweater is always great for a more casual evening! For something more fancy, DVF dresses are great! I wear my velvet pants and rich and thick sweaters!!
  6. Black slacks, heels and a great top with my silver metal clutch.
  7. On Thanksgiving, I wore a grey cashmere twin set, black knee-length pleated flannel skirt, black tights, and black suede Michael Kors pumps.

    On Christmas, I am not sure yet. My holiday plans include some traveling on Christmas Day itself, so it will have to be something decent-looking yet also very comfortable, like black stretch-wool pants with a cashmere turtleneck.

    On New Year's Eve, I will be in dark COH jeans, black satin pumps, a black cashmere sweater with a deep V-neckline lined with sequins, and a black tuxedo jacket. And of course, long dangly earrings to match.